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early 1930s Paramount


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some interesting PARAMOUNT FILMS stills from very early 1930s.  nice stuff.  take a look, thanks!



#1 film is SEA LEGS, with Jack Oakie on far left.  Is that Lillian Roth on the far right? Who's the other woman


#2 I believe that's Corinne Griffith on right, who is the man?


#3  Barton MacLane (from Treasure of Sierra Madre) and Margaret Lindsay?


#4  SKYSCRAPER SOULS 1932 Maureen O Sullivan, Gregory Ratoff in the middle?


#5   JOE E Brown and Ona Munson?


#6 Sin of Madelon Claudet, Charles WInninger on far right, is that Helen Hayes standing??, others?


#7 ALison Skipworth on right, lady in middle looks like the annoying woman on the DENNIS THE MENACE series, but it isn't.  ideas?


#8 here we have Jack Oakie again, great photo.  put I cannot identify the film because the number onthe lower left is confusing (no entries).  ideas?


#9 Child star?


#10  film is Vanity Fair, but we don't have the stars here. ideas?lgf0021.JPG


#11  Jackie Cooper, film is SOOKY.  whos the guy on the right


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#8 is from "Sky Bride".  The boy is Robert Coogan, Jackie Coogan's little brother.  He played Sooky in both "Skippy" and the follow-up "Sooky" in the early 30's.  #9 is Jackie Searle.  He was also in both "Skippy" and "Sooky".  He generally played brats, as he did when he played Sidney Sawyer, Tom Sawyer's cousin, in early thirties versions of both "Tom Sawyer" and "Huckleberry Finn" with Jackie Coogan. 

I believe the man in #11 is a character actor named Harry Beresford.


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The woman with Joe E. Brown in #5 is a comedienne named Marjorie White.

In #7, I'm not sure of the woman on the left.  It may be Claudia Craddock, who is listed in the cast list .  I can't find a photo of her. The boy is Jackie Searle again.  This photo was probably taken about two years after the other one of him.  The woman next to Alison Skipworth is indeed familiar. That's Ethel Griffies.  She played the bird expert in the restaurant in Hitchcock's "The Birds".

  • Image result for ethel griffies  a lady's profession 
    Do you remember her now?
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