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Help with identifying very rare Christmas show


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Okay, I’ve been VERY curious about this EXTREMELY RARE Christmas special since the one and only time I had ever seen it.  I know that this doesn’t have anything to do with classic movies, but I’m just wondering if there’s anyone who may know what I’m talking about.  I don’t know the name of this particular program, so hopefully someone here may know the title.  I saw it on Christmas Eve, of course, in the mid-afternoon on the Odyssey Network (Does anyone remember this channel?).  I only saw the last ten minutes or so of this program, so all I’ve seen is just about all I remember.  
Here it goes -
-It was done with stop-motion animation, very much like the classic Rankin/Bass shows (Judging by my memory, this show looked like it MIGHT have been a Rankin/Bass production, although I somehow get the feeling it most likely was not).  
-The story involved two children whose names were Kevin and Jennifer.  Kevin was a little boy with blonde hair, and Jennifer, his sister, had dark brown hair in a ponytail.  (Based off memory, the children kind of resembled those in Rankin/Bass’ “Santa Claus is Comin’ to Town” with Fred Astaire and Mickey Rooney, which also might be why I almost figured this could have been one of their works).
-The children encounter Santa Claus in a snow-filled forest late at night with his reindeer.  The only thing is, Santa’s reindeer aren’t like any of the reindeer in the Christmas tales we’re familiar with.  They were portrayed as, get this, a group of shades-wearing hipsters.  Or at least the Rudolph of the group was.  I know this sounds really bizarre, but this is exactly what I remember.  I recall them singing some kind of funky-jive-sounding song a couple of times, as well.
- Santa rode the two children back home in his sleigh, and after they returned back home, Kevin and Jennifer were watching Santa and his reindeer fly past their house from their bedroom window.  The show ended with Kevin and Jennifer waking up on Christmas morning enjoying their presents.  
-This special also has a male narrator telling the story, who may or may not have had a British accent (This is how I learned the names of the two children).  I have no idea if the narrator was a well-known name from classic movies, since Rankin/Bass tends to employ the talents of many stars to provide the voices for their specials.  

As I had stated before, I had seen this show only once, and never again after that.  I just only wish that I had either taped the show when it was on, or at least kept the TV schedule from that very week of Christmas, because then, the mystery would have been solved a long time ago.  

I wonder a few things about this special -
- How many times it aired on TV.
- When it had first aired, and if it was shown any other time since I had seen it.
- If this had first been broadcast on another network, or if it’s an Odyssey Network original (Which I’m almost positive it was).
- Has it ever been released on home video at all?

If no one here knows about this, maybe an animation expert like Jerry Beck or John Canemaker would know. They both have such vast knowledge of even the most obscure works of animation ever.  I am hoping that someone could help identify this show for me!  Thanks in advance!



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