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Colorization Inc. versions of classic movies


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I have a question regarding colorized films.  I figure there are MANY fans of classic movies who must REALLY despise the colorized versions (me being one of them).  However, I am just wondering if there is anyone who may happen to have the Colorization Inc. versions of classic movies.  I know these colorized versions probably have the reputation of being the WORST colorized movies ever made, but I have just been really curious as to how bad they really look.  These versions must have very poor use of color, based on what I had seen in Colorization Inc’s version of ANGEL AND THE BADMAN with John Wayne and Gail Russell (which occasionally airs on INSP TV network).  The color is VERY dull and faded --- There is ABSOLUTELY no good use of rich and appealing color choices throughout this version of the movie!  The entire color spectrum consists of faint shades of mostly blue, green, peach, and a lot of brown and grey tones.  I guess this must be a result of this being one of the very first ever attempts at computer colorization of black and white movies.  I wouldn’t be surprised at all if any of the first few movies colorized (by Colorization Inc.) had these very shoddy and dreadful looking color choices throughout the picture.  I know that IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE was definitely one of these movies poorly colorized, which, of course, had stirred up major controversy among many highly-critical viewers, James Stewart being one of them.  Regardless, I’m just very curious to see how bad that colorized version, as well as many others by Colorization Inc. must look.  I also believe the noir thriller SUDDENLY falls under this category, especially since Frank Sinatra was colorized with BROWN EYES!  

Even though these films were colorized for the sake of TV stations making money out of them, through the concept of color movies being believed to be more marketable than those in black and white, I just can’t understand how ANYONE could possibly sit through an entire movie with such awful looking color.  I find two-strip color to be not so attractive, but a movie that looks as though it was purposely colored with limited and very dull colors to create an illusion of aged fading (and believe me, movies that have been faded with age don’t look this bad at all) is just pathetic.  Yes, I KNOW this sounds way too critical, but, as I said before, I’m just curious about these other colorized versions of movies just to see how they had turned out.


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