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Does anyone still get newsletters from here???


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I have attempeted about 10 times to just got tcm's digital newsletters, to no avail  either???


I hope of a lotta' others left out in cl, ao being ingorent for some reason  (TRIVIA: Can you fans believe I still have heft bags of all past NP Guildesdes!_(P.S. I alats liked Mia, but she truly has sourgrapes, did 13 with them &   Keaton 8 td)  (TRIVIA: Can you fathom Mia was never even oncede up for an Oscar though???)  Calliber ROSEMARY BABY, DANNY ROSE,-(alo sheer perfection, between the duo!_  PEOPLE ROSE-(specialy movie!_ & ALICE-(never yet saw it, many critics not o0ny thought she deserved her 1st Oscar shot, but win Best actress!_

She was always  when *THE SINATRA estate proclaimed their inonncene in court Ronan would been alive around 1988, when *"THE CHAIRMAN" would righly turned almost balmied to unnsicese of Ronan (Sacthel) Paige-now still on various network *Woody Allene to kid abother his savote baseball plater Satchel Paige


(SOME FUNNY TRIVIA & WELL YOU'LL SE WHAT I MEAN, NOW FAX, Mia Farrow despite greeting hitched in NYC ad the issfalted Dakota arms, (i.e. Where of co0urse John Lennon was murder on she thought *Frank was killing & immedisately wanted to her being in 1swt Tony rome pic  She said NOP! Never never morning his Lawrence showed up with divorce papers-(as R.Evans & more more! _I  Even more creepier in NYC Lennon was murdered there in 1980!


*"The Chairman & Mia stayed friends & a nother funny thing, when *FRANCIS ALBERT heard about *"THW WOOMAN" he almost nakked to have the little guys lefts broken  unquptenother milgoiious bit, likede 



Anyway, still waiting a do most n the marvelous forums



(I don't think it would be name dropping but *"THE AN" is a bonda fide cineplie & especially n here  Most know his cinenmatographic idols  they are-(toy know he's ALWATS been a cocket for Hollywoods & Studio-System-(l925-63_ (TRIVIA: There is still a mutil millindaiollor wiseguy in bars mames Johnny Rizzolli make stronge believe he was James Hoffa kid in 1975!


Most notably, when he could want-e  


& just for fun tax:-(as with each tcm's gp's lmitede st time & legalities, he to *GFI")

1. SOME COME RAINNING (l958-MGM)-(also Scorsese's fav of *franks) with *S.MacLane & Dino never better!) & for decads her fav r9ole!)

2.*FROM HERE TO ETERNITY" (l953-Columbia)-(8 Academy Awards!!!)-(TRIVIA: Also Ray was slated ro play Monty Clift's role & wallace in Maggio)-(NOTE: remake of tv movies writies in 1979 w/NATALIE WOODE)

3. THE MANHUARIAN CANDTARE (l962) (brilliantly ahead of it's time!, what can any further allays this bne written or said about this, HOWEVER, I've always felt SUDDENTLY has more of the killing of t pre4sent  GO-FIGURE


(ALSO: )




what are your Essential *Sinatra Movies>(58) SOME COME RUNNING-(also *Scorsese's fav of his! AN SUPERB WORK & THOUROGHLY BAD DAY HERE, PRETADES " MANCHURAN CANDIATE,  THE WONDER FRANK AS AN ALL OUT VICTIM! MNARM, sunderrated & superb villian!)-(only 77min)  & of course 1960's party all-night OCEAN'S ELEVE & They I;m not a be musical fans-(i.e. SINGIN I THE RAIN of course & a frw others, *Frank adores baseball & the Calfornia angels especially I WAS LUCKIDY ENOUGHT TO GET AN OFFICIAL BOBBLE HJEAD! Very rare in deed now that Nancy sinat6ra owns the estotavcle!? "BOBBLE HEADS""BOOBLE HEAD


(FINAL NOTE: Check out on youtube it's superb from the 1965 Old Kiel 0pera House with *SINATRA, DON, SAMMY & JOHNNY CARSON FILLING HIM!!!  It's about a hour, but a must save for is favs the here!   It first aired on  614 minutes STRATHROUGHT!




& AGAIN, look up Roman farrow & let me know_us) was you think or not?-- minutes  


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