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The Golden Head 1964


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Even though it was not the best single strip Cinerama Featured to be put out, obviously, when it was finally premiered in 2009 at the Pacific Cinerama Dome on sunset blvd, Hollywood La, it was only played once, here is the reason for getting it. It is an orphan film of M.g.m and thank goodness, Time Warner does not own it because it would have never been restored. It was the third Cinerama film produced by m.g.m and the first single strip Cinerama feature when production began in 63. George Sanders and Buddy Hackett and little Lorrain Powers and beautiful Budapest, before Liberation, holds the film up. There are just a few problems like there is a kid detective name Honorable Augusts Smythe and the movie don't give credit to the actor. These are just minor problems. The restored 70mm cartoon short, " Tale of Old Whiff," without smell o vision. A fortress of peace, a 70mm Cinerama short about maneuvers practice by the Swiss military. Although the cartoon was not smiled box cause it was not a Cinerama made Cartoon. It's worth collecting.     

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Glad to hear this film has become available. It was the 96th motion picture that George Sanders made in his long career.

#96: THE GOLDEN HEAD (1964)

After making crime comedies with Terry-Thomas and Charlie Drake, George Sanders teamed up with Buddy Hackett for another one. This time he plays a crook trying to steal a priceless golden bust from a cathedral in Hungary. At the same time there's a convention going on for investigators. So while police and detectives are occupied at the convention, it is up to their children to nab the crooks and recover the stolen object. THE GOLDEN HEAD was filmed on location in Hungary and had two directors. The second director, Richard Thorpe, had begun in the silent film days and was near the end of his career. Originally Hayley Mills was announced to play one of the kids; if she hadn't left the project, it would have been a reunion for her and George, who both worked together on Disney's IN SEARCH OF THE CASTAWAYS.

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