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Multifarious MacGuffins


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The term MacGuffins, coined supposedly by a screenwriter of Hitchcock's named MacPhail, is the basis of many a progression in films. Just yesterday I watched "The Cat Burglar", directed by cult icon, William Witney. This tasty little crime caper had a MacGuffin in the form of stolen espionage papers which also seemed to take a page out of the handbook of Ophuls, with an item passing through many hands, like a pair of invaluable earrings.

The stolen notebook went from a pretty blonde's briefcase, to the cat burglar's lair, to holding up a dresser leg [at least a few pages], to the trash heap and then finally to fill a cat's litter box.

Starring June Kenney and with memorable bits by Bruno VeSota and the adorable Billie Bird, as the landlady, this film was so low budget they had to use the same framed print that adorned the abode of Billie Bird, also in the cat burglar's dump flat.

If you enjoy watching how without a MacGuffin many films would be a bore, submit your favorites now,

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1 hour ago, CaveGirl said:

You're bad, TB!

I wonder if Trump passed his 2nd Grade SAT for what he learned in his McGuffey's Reader?

Yes, we have to wonder about that.

Actually, I wasn't trying to be political with my previous post.

MacGuffin made me think of egg McMuffin. So when I did a google images search for eggs, that image of Trump with egg on his face came up. I thought it was too amusing not to use.

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On 3/30/2019 at 8:51 PM, GGGGerald said:

Well, there seem to be obvious ones. In spy movies it often is some microfilm of blueprints or plans. In 70's movies it was often a ledger or some accounting book.

Could be a statue:


A briefcase


Or something worse 



Nicely done, G4!

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How about these that the fellow pictured upper left corner and a few others are after in...


...what is often called "the best Hitchcock movie that Hitchcock never made".


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Well, a MacGuffin really doesn't have to be known or actually SEEN, does it?  So....if NOT, my choices for quintessential MacGuffins are....

Whatever was in either the trunk of that old Malibu in REPO MAN;  or...

In that briefcase in PULP FICTION.  ;)


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