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"10 TCM flix that cinefans should check out for July!"


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(*-OSCAR meter) So far, so-good, in posting any writing? Anyway, I generally write such an article as this-(monthly; for only pals of mine & not on these forums. & the general compilation was never only limited to TCM either. However, given there are some very strong flix coming up on Turner Classic Movies for the month of July. I thought I'd limit list to the mt. summit of networks this time 'round) In chronilogical order-(consult schedule for exact time of day)


10 motion pictures some may have already seen & some not. Plus, some that they may want to KEEP as well!


(July 2nd, 2004) "The Red Shoes" (1948) (I know a grand gal by the name of Mary Lou, of whom was axiously awaiting this technicolor masterpiece! Also, among Martin Scorsese's all-time favorites, since childhood!)-(ACADEMY AWARD WINNER: Best Music Scoring & was literally robbed for Color-Cinematography!)

(7/7/04) "Libeled Lady" (1936) (Pure perfecto screwball comedy! Harlow, W. Powell, Loy & a then 4th billed *Tracy!

M-G-M just about at it's zenith. It's also more than rumored Jean Harlow-(1911-37) was laid to rest in wedding-gown from this grand picture)

(same date) "Uncle Buck" (1989) (not exactly in same league as "LL" But, a fun comedy & especially for us fans, of the sadly already gone, big guy: John Candy-(1950-94) I'd rate this role his 2nd best after>'87's "Planes, Trains & Automobiles!") & unlike majority of comedies today, this is pretty-much "Good clean Fun"

(7/13/2004) "Point Blank" (1967) (Not well-known in the '60's. This has since built-up quite a following! *Lee Marvin, is perfectly cast-("Cold as Ice!") here. Re-made in 1999 by *Mel Gibson as "Payback," but lamely so)

(7/16/04) "The Killing" (1956) (Crime-Drama, not quite in same league as the granddaddy of the genre>"A. Jungle" But, still a powerful pc. of filmmaking & quite a surprise ending. & like the prior 1, S. Hayden is the star again-(IS IT ME, OR DOES HE ALSO REMIND YOU A BIT OF R. RYAN?) However, this flix main claim to fame, is it's Staney Kubrick's & at only age 27 or 28! Very strong!)

(7/22/04) "Hells Angels" (1930) (Now, this is either A KEEPER or A MANDATORY MUST SEE! Legendary Hollywood production & actually about the only good movie Howard Hughes-(1905-76) was able to direct himself-(unless you count "The 0utlaw???") It's flying scenes are far ahead of the 1st BEST PICTURE OSCAR WINNING>*"WINGS" & some of it, is actually in color. Jean Harlow's 1st big role & a very famous line delivered by her. Rarely aired & should be seen at least once by any cinephile!!!)

(7/25/04) "The Fighting 69th" (1940) (Actually, a mixed bag. But, worth seeing for the dynamic performance of: *James Cagney! Plus, a bit of history of a true all Irish regiment from WW1)

(same date) "Devil at 4 0'ClocK" (1961) (Okay, I know for those of whom know me, this is an obvious choice! However, it's like the last. Should be seen for it's 2 legendary heavyweight stars>*"The Great: Spencer Tracy" & *"The Chairman of the Board: Frank Sinatra!" The Adventure in itself, helmed by Mervyn LeRoy is just ok (**1/2)-(TRIVIA: *Tracy had to actually play to a broomstick through-out a lot of filming, due to *Frank's "Wee Small Hours of the Morning!")

(7/27/04) "Test Pilot" (1938) (I was just ironically writing of this on TCM's DVD vote-(see home pg) My personal fav. of the 3 teamings of: *Gable & *Tracy! & It was released same yr. both *Clark & Myrna Loy were voted "King" & "Queen" of Tinsel-Town! ****-stars!)

(same day) "Edge of the City" (1957) (Another surprise on the DVD campaign? Most have rarely even heard of this hard-bitten, but excellently handled film. *Poitier & J. Cassavettes are the leads. But, it's the usually likeable Jack Warden, that walks away with the picture, as an all-out real villian here!)

& Now for 2 ABSOLUTE KEEPERS!!! (7/29) "Hollywood: My Hometown" & (7/31/04) "Hollywood: Without Makeup" (Both, utterly marvelous docu's. I don't know if they are documentaris or not? Home Movies Ken Murray-(1902-85) took from the 1920's up until early 1960's-(In essence, covering entire length of Hollywoods Golden Age! Whatever they are, they are TREMENDOUS! He has pretty-much caught every star of the era on camera at 1 time or another, except Garbo! I tape these whenever they-(without warning, pop-up!) So, now you true film buffs know when)


& TCM Host: R. 0sborne has selected 1 day per month for his own pix & this is where I get to catch 1 I've yet to see? 1954's "Salt of the Earth" OSBO'S day is (7/20/2004)


(P.S. Final note>speaking of Scorsese. Whom got to see & or tape, only awhile ago. His meticulously detailed & beautifully made-(down to Saul Bass' credits) & of course my fav. of this era: M. Pfeiffer! "Age of Innocence" (1993)? Also, for folks such as ML,etc. Superb score by: *E. Bernstein, as usual! 1 of it's only 5 nominations It did take home BEST COSTUMES)


Thank You


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I'd like to add a couple of films for the silent film buff (like myself) that will air this month. The very rarely seen Marion Davies vehicle THE PATSY will be a wonderful treat for fans of this underrated comedic actress. And of course what silent film fan will not be in heaven when GREED is shown not once but twice this month.

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