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Enjoyed watching Barbet Schroeder’s supposedly controversial film, “Maitresse” last night. It’s a love story, not unlike that with Kong and Ann Darrow, Sid and Nancy or even Ray and Martha.

With the lead, Bulle Ogier as Ariane, to me a combination of Sandra Dee and Morticia Addams, involved with a youngish Gerard Depardieu as her understanding suitor, Olivier, one enters a domicile not unlike some created by G-u-i-d-o Crepax.

Oddly enough, the above floor romance is rather conventional and the bottom floor dungeon also becomes tamer as time wears on, in spite of the excessive leather artifacts and outlandish game accoutrements for flagellation. It’s interesting that it would seem that those seeking the dominatrix effect, perhaps are so undersexed that they need severe amplification of normal processes, via semi-torture techniques to achieve nirvana, that the average slob would disavow. Due to this void, such processes can become oddly enough rather non-erotic for a viewer.

The Marquis de Sade would be mortified I fear to find that the most upsetting scene was not the clamping down of a certain appendage with nails and hammer, but rather the one at the equine slaughterhouse. This is not to say that this is not an excellent film, in spite of such tiny things noted, as its premise that even those who choose torture as an ends to a means, still want to control exactly what kind fulfills their personal desires, as the scene with the man in a cage proved, when he rejected water from Gerard, wanting it only from his chosen torture female representative. The descent into this psychological maelstrom makes the film unique and well worth viewing for any film fan.

Couldn’t get into the final feature of “More” as Mimsy Farmer’s acting left a bit to be desired. I do recall an older male friend of mine who once dated her in Hollywood as a publicity stunt, saying he did not even recognize her in the part. All in all, thanks to TCM for presenting “Maitresse” which was like watching a Rube Goldberg approach to Le Petit Mort, in 12-Time Consuming Steps!


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I suppose if you're into SMB it's interesting. If you're not, the umpteenth whipping, black

leather accouterment, and being ridden by the dominatrix while you pretend to be a dog

gets old fast. Okay, you've got a fully functional rack. Big deal. I found the Depardieu character

to be a total rotter. I was hoping that M. Gautier would take him out in some high-toned, well

thought out manner, but it was not to be. I will give credit for not having the screw/drive end

in a fatal car accident as was occasionally the cop out of the studio era movie.

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Depardieu's character seems unnaturally violent in this one. He overreacts to everything here. He almost seems confused that his dominatrix woman is doing things with the customers though that is probably just not coming to terms with her profession. The scene with the nail is also a little puzzling. Why would someone get off to their own genitalia being destroyed like that? :blink: I just hope they used a prop for that scene and didn't mutilate someone just for the film. 

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I think it's very obvious that Depardieu is jealous of Ogier's work and the time spent with

her clients. He wants to have control over what she is doing and she isn't going along with

that. That can't be making him very happy.

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