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RECONSTRUCTION: America After the Civil War

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2 hours ago, TheCid said:

In the 1920's, there were 4 million members of the Ku Klux Klan and most were outside the South.  I think Illinois had the most members at the time.

Ethnic tensions used to be much worse in Chicago/ Illinois during that time period. In the 1919 there was a major race riot in Chicago. It is often said that the young Mayor Daley (then only 17) had a hand in that even though he never officially acknowledged it.

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3 hours ago, TheCid said:

Reconstruction ended in 1876 when the Republicans thought it was more important to have a Republican president than continue Reconstruction.  The Electoral College votes in the South were contested by having two sets of electors elected.  If the Southern states had stood by their Dem winner, there would be a Dem president.  But, the Republicans cut a deal.  They would have the Federal troops removed from the South in exchange for Southern states recognizing the Republican electors as the official ones.  So, the Republicans got the presidency and the South got the troops out.  With the troops gone, there was no one to protect the Republicans, carpetbaggers and blacks who held offices in the South.  Nor to prevent the white Southerners from voting.  Add in no protections against the Klan and the white southerners took control of their states.

Yes, it was a political deal, no doubt about it. One that likely did more harm than good.

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