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Question, has anyone even seen the new Dumbo?

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 Already think I write about this on here, know I did many places elsewhere  Has any TCM-ITE went to check out the new live action remake of Disney's DUMBO or not yet, or plan to?


\As for me I always recall a bad picture more then just a mediocre one & this borders on both all the way (**-at the most) &what a drag/letdown from it's many heartbreaking trailers!


It's just non existent is all, something is missing& especially considering it's cast-(even Michael Keaton & Danny de Vito are dull as dishwater here) ^ Then there is Tim Burton of course in whats now possibly his weakest effort.   It focuses on the kids for 1 problem more then him (DUMBO)  & virtually no strong score to this time around?


& especially considering the 1941 all-time classic is so special in every way possible


So, please reply & let folks know what you think either way?   THANX

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In the words of both legendary icons *Cooper & *Clint, I RECKON'   NOBODY SAW OR WANTS TO SEE THIS LETDOWN BY DISNEY & TIM BURTON ON THE PLUS SIDE THE RECENT MARY POPPINS: RETURNS (***-out of 4 stars) (made $170m.) WAS NICE!


(A TIP: There are 2 current books in most places, even pharmacies like CVS & Walgreens-(I just picked one up on THE GIODFATHER) & got another on the history of 1964's MARY POPPINS-(my first movie!) & Includes coverage of last yrs version. You know they aren't regular books, but those superb books/mags by LIFE,etc  That are everywhere thesdays, but not cheap$ all are usually $13.00  I also-(months back) got one of FRANKENSTEIN & another I can't recall at present & was so happy to get one last year or earlier on the history of SNL-((especially it's glorious first 5yrs) but lost the darn thing somewhere in my house like a big Irish dummy!?  Its gotta' be somewhere ion here, small apt & have approx. 135 to 150 movie books stared collecting them in ';79 at only age 15.  o yeah, the other tip & I still hope to get this one again by LIFE  The history of WALT DISNEY himself! ^ an aside, though on same topic somewhat Rolling Stone has them topo & I got 2 of M.A.D.O.N.N.A. & on that topic RS constantly has fans & editors polls of music & not only them but about 3 others keep voting Freddy "Queen"/"Bohemian Rhapsody" Mercury as the A #1 all-time greatest singer. Now it's producers & it's studio hope to cash in on that 4time Oscar winner $ B.O.$ smash ($235m.) "BR" with a biopic end of May on Elton John titled ROCKETMAN & many already know of the highly publized alled fight between MADONNA & LADY GA GA, it was just that BS They are pals in reality. MADONNA does this nowadays a lot, kinda passes the torch onto younger singers,etc Stunningly she's almost 39yrs older then GA GA! But, she & Elton John are the real deal, he HATES HER BIG-TIME! Started at the G. globes when she won Best song for a Bond flick DIE ANOTHER DAY over his song & he never forgave her. I hear he can be a real jerk but has some amazing music.   THANK YOU   BY THE WAY DUMBO IS NOT A TOTAL $B.O.$ FLOP, It'S GROSSED ABOUT $90m. to date. 

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Prior to it's release, I was excited to see it ( I like Burton and love Danny Elfman's music) but I haven't read any good reviews (including yours), so I kind of put it out of my mind.

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I saw it and liked it. Although, I enjoyed Mary Poppins Returns a whole lot better. Now that I've had some time to reflect, I realize that it wasn't an amazing movie. Good and fun, but not amazing. I really like DeVito and Keaton, but I felt like they were both watered down versions of themselves in this. I think everyone was trying to shy away from the nonsensical nightmare fuel that was the live-action adaptations of "Alice in Wonderland." Those were certainly something else. And not the good "something else" either. If you are a fan of Tim Burton film costumes/sets/scenery, this definitely impressed on those accounts. I know the vinyl soundtrack is hitting Barnes and Noble sometime this summer, and I will be picking it up because I am a fan of Danny Elfman's, and enjoy collecting soundtracks. 

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