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Movie Mamas..here we go again


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Oh, the movie mom--her character can be total love and devotion, evil and manipulative...or anything in between.  Here's a quiz about movie moms...but it's a little bit different:  I'll post two pictures of actors/actresses for each question--first, you have to identify each of these people...AND..you have to figure out the actress that portrayed the mother of both in DIFFERENT films. So..the answer will be the name of both performers, the actress who played their mom, and the names of the movies.  Because the pictures take up a lot of room, I'm going to post 10 today...and 10 tomorrow. (please don't hit quote when you answer...the pages just get toooooo long repeating all the photos)


1. a) Reni Santoni as "Announcer" in Summer Rental

1 b) Sue Lyon as "Lolita" -- I tried to make my dolls look like this


2. a) #Scotty Beckett / 1929-1968 / age 38 / was in the original Our Gang Comedy.

2. b) Image result for martin milner


3. a) eBay #Sponsored 1984 Press Photo Actress Ann Jillian in "Ellis Island" - nox30385

3. b) Mona Freeman


4. a) Constance Bennett in Born to Love (1931)

4. b) Madge Evans


5. a) Tim Matheson from Animal House

5. b) Kevin Kline. I first saw him in Pirates of Penzance, and I was smitten. Attractive, terrific and courageous actor, he sings, dances and plays the piano. My favorite Kevin role? So hard to choose, but Otto in A FISH CALLED WANDA never fails to make me smile.


6. a) Hoyningen-Huene, âGail Patrickâ

6. b) af4fb72e089a260ef6e32a8cfea4cc45.jpg


7. a) 45382444127e9029dd0f58c37e8a88ae.jpg

7. b) Senior pic of Dick Van Dyke


8. a) Troy Donahue ohoh i loved this guy.....  A Summer Place....with sandra dee  romance....innocent romance but beautiful film....how I learned bout love  lol

8. b) Young Anthony Perkins.


9. a) Cary Grant with his original name Archibald "Archie" Leach in his teens.

9. b) An early portrait of a blonde Lucille Ball. (Undated)


10. a) Happy birthday to George Segal. He turned 85 on 2/13/2019.

10. b) 82524a36472dd83746b08909e1b5c340.jpg

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Very ambitious thread, Shutoo.  It may take a while to get them all answered.  I'll start off with a couple.

#5a is Tim Matheson and #5b is Kevin Kline.  Debbie Reynolds played Matheson's mother in "Divorce, American Style" and she played Kline's mother in "In & Out".

#7a is Barbra Streisand and #7b is Dick Van Dyke.  Maureen Stapleton played Barbra's mother in "Nuts!" and she played Dick's mother in "Bye Bye Birdie".

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9 is still open...but here are the last ten:


11. a) 48453b052fc892c25b27844c5bfbe3e9.jpg

11. b) veronica-cartwright


12. a) Ronald Reagan ice skating C. 1942



13. a) Norma Shearer in Idiot's Delight (1939)

13. b) William Powell at 16 years of age in 1908.


14. a) ce50f34bc49587622fe452f78d231ec1.jpg

14. b) Hayley Mills "Tiger Bay"


15. a) Jeanne Crain, 1940s Image may contain: 1 person, smiling

15. b) Mickey Rooney, age 2\


16. a) bb2ac8410516eca8b3d601f18922c902.jpg

16. b) Mia Farrow.  Photo by Jeanloup Sieff.  French Vogue, 1969.


17. a) THE NEWMAN BABYFACE. | 17 Reasons Paul Newman Ruined You For Other Men

17. b) Burt Reynolds


18. a) James Dean, at the Fairmout High School, 1945.

18. b) Classic Movie Stars Susan Hayward


19. a) Bette Davis Photo at AllPosters.com

19. b) Deborah Kerr, great actress


20. a) Laurence Harvey, Vintage Actor

20. b) Fascinating Historical Picture of Elvis Presley in 1959

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20 hours ago, lavenderblue19 said:

12a) Ronald Reagan- Rosemary DeCamp played his mom in This Is The Army

12b) Doris Day- Rosemary DeCamp played her mom in On Moonlight Bay &By The Light Of The Silvery Moon

you're right...and I never even thought of it!  Actually, on this one I was thinking Spring Byington...Reagan's mom in Louisa...and Day's mom in Please Don't Eat the Daisies

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