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"The Green Room"


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Francois Truffaut broke off all ties with United Artists due to the box-office failure of "The Green Room".

But could a film that deals with an man's attempts to incorporate an appreciation of death into his life be successful at the box office?

Truffaut, who made different types of films, was really venturing into foreign territory.

And he starred himself - not a wise decision, I'd say.


I didn't understand the significance of the little boy who could not talk.


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I didn't understand the inclusion of the mute boy, either. Seems that mute youngsters are not uncommon as side characters in movies altogether- I can think of a few films that feature one. Maybe a bond with a silent kid is meant to reflect the protagonist's own alienation in some way or another...

As for Truffaut, I liked his performance in this film. I've seen the other two films of his that he acted in, (The Wild Child and Day for Night,) but neither of those were nearly as ambitious as his choice to star in The Green Room, where he had to carry the whole film- and portray, honestly, one of the strangest and most viscerally repellent psyches I've ever "met" in a film. The fact that Truffaut felt so close to this role may have been invaluable to the audience's understanding of the character. I felt like he was confiding in "us," face to "face."

It may not have been a "wise" decision to play it himself in terms of box office prospect, but I believe it was a good decision in the end... if only he hadn't felt so bad about it flopping- it's refreshing to me to see a director make a film from the heart without regarding how the audience might take it. It's too bad he couldn't disregard how they DID end up taking it.

By the way, I had started a thread to promote this film a couple days before it aired. I guess it must have passed under your radar, tho...


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