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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Like quite a few British groups, The Move were popular in the UK, but couldn't catch a

break in the US. They had a good run of hit singles in England in the late 60s and

early 70s that went nowhere in America. That's life. Here is a short piece of their

psychedelic pop, with the unsurprising title Flowers in the Rain.




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Yes, it's a variation on that line. To my best recollection, the line appears in

parenthesis next to "I Am the Walrus" ("oh, no you're not!" said little Nicola.)

I think the l in little was in lower case, so my bad. The Beatles are #1 in my

book. Roll up.

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Black Francis, Frank Black, Boston Blacky, Frankly Mr. Blackly, or whatever his name

may be, and the rest of the Pixies perform a high energy alterno number, including deep

questions such as the species limits on heaven's gate and a little supernatural mathematics,

entitled Monkey Gone to Heaven.




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A website that works and then doesn't, without rhyme or reason, intermittently, and

doesn't do what it is supposed to do. Sound familiar? There's more than one out

there. But, since a Cat has nine lives, I'll try again, with Into White.




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They Might Be Giants, who took their name from the 1971 movie, doing +Istanbul

(Not Constantinople)+. There are lots of live videos, but they're of pretty poor quality,

but this little animated one is pretty good.






MFYTPOS technical diffiulties. Please do not stand by.


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