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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Brave, Thrifty, Reverent, ****. Homer and Jethro with the slightly naughty but nice

The Battle of Kookamonga.









It's hard to find Hank William's live performances on YT since he died so long ago. The

Allman Brothers song is their own, it's just the titles that are similar. Heartbreaker and

Cocaine are multiple titles that also come to mind.

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Hey, this is a dry thread. ;)


I like Bailey's and Kahlua, but I never thought about mixing them together.

It does seem natural now that someone did. I have put Kahlua in a White

Russian when I was out of creme de cacao. Not bad. As the night progresses

and the ingredients start to get confusing, I like to go upscale with Grape

Kool-Aid and moonshine. Wee doggies. Don't ask a living man to drink his way

into a stupor (he'll be happy to volunteer).

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The Beatles Let It Be the movie. This film has been in all kinds of rights tie ups, etc.

Now the two remaining Beatles are reluctant to re-release it because it shows the group

in a less than harmonious setting. But wouldn't you know, there it is, right on YT anyway.






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