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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Boy, a person takes a break for a couple of weeks, and all sorts of interesting conversations happen while they're away.


Well, I'll just pick up on the REM discussion, a few pages back. finance, they may have been a little overly-earnest in their early days - I wouldn't have said "dour". But I read an interview with Michael Stipe, from a year or so ago, and he seemed not only not dour, he was downright gleeful. Sometimes getting older isn't such a bad thing.



Anyway, for some reason this song makes me think of New Year's time, I don't really know why. It's a sweet song. REM with Imitation of Life (nothing to do with the Douglas Sirk movie.)




Happy New Year all.

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I know Yoko has a reputation for her caterwauling vocals from the early

1970s. I have to say I haven't heard very much from that period, but usually

where there's smoke, there at least a little fire too. Listen is a very charming

song. I do know that her songs from Double Fantasy are a lot more conventional.

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Ok, "Otis". ( hmm, at least "Otis" fits better with "baby" then some names.) The "Yoko Ono" discussion - let's face it, she really wasn't much fun to listen to. And yes, by the way, the connection with the B52s is that one of the girls - I think it was Cindy - admired Yoko and liked to imitate her screechy style of singing, perhaps as much for comic effect as anything.


Here's the only Yoko Ono song that I like ( have to say I'm not that familiar with any of her non -John Lennon associated work). It's called "Walking on Thin Ice". The video for it is more interesting than the song itself.

But then, Elvis Costello covered it - I think around 1985 - and his version rocks ! It does not sound like the same song. I'm going to post both versions here, but if you only have time to listen to one, listen to Elvis Costello's. It's definitely one time when the cover far surpasses the original.

Walking on Thin Ice:


Yoko Ono:



Elvis Costello:

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As long as it's not Otis the town drunk. I thought I'd give the little lady

a break, because I'm really not that familiar with her early stuff--only

the reputation. I wonder if anyone bought the Yoko Plastic Ono Band

record, mistaking it for the John Plastic Ono Band record. Hmmmm.


I've always liked Listen. Thin Ice is okay too, both versions. Elvis' does

rock a bit more. That's what I've thought the B-52s connection was, the

sometimes Yoko-like vocals.

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finance, I would never accuse you of honouring Yoko Ono in any way. I'm sure your screen name derives from what you think about when you go to your bank. (Unless you meant your screen name to be "finesse", and just misspelled it.)


Thanks for the Roxy Music, Otis (baby) - always good to hear the glam guys workin' it out.



Ok, new year, new calendar. I like to wait til about this time to get one ( a calendar) because by now they're on sale, half-price. This is a guilty pleasure of mine - the song is extremely silly, verging on dumb - but's it's so catchy and cheerful, I find myself kind of bobbing along to it. This particular video is hilarious. Neil Sedaka's *Calendar Girl*:




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I've read over the years that Yoko was a pretty sharp cookie when it came

to money management. Maybe it's just as well, because I don't think John

would have been up to it like she apparently was. When you read about their

first meetings, Yoko was practically a stalker, sort of hounding him all the time.

Guess it worked in the end. Maybe she's mellowed with time.

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Calendar Girl is hard to resist, just so catchy. Looks like Neil uses that greasy

kid's stuff all year long.


I like to alternate cutesy animal and Impressionism calendars. This year the

Impressionists are up. Since it's only January, I'm not sure how many foreign

holidays this one marks.

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Richard Thompson, one of the most talented and inventive guitarists and songwriters ever, is ridiculously under-recognized, at least in North America.

By the way, I heard him interviewed once, and he has a surprisingly good sense of humour.


Did somebody mention The Bonzo Dog Band a while back? Whoever suggested that these guys were front-running candidates ( I mean, candidatates) for the funniest band of all time had the right idea. Funny they were, and incidentally, good musicians. One of them, Neil Innes, had a lot to do with the production of that ( "in my opinion") hilarious and affectionate spoof of the Beatles, "The Rutles."



Anyway, here be The Bonzo Dog Band with Urban Spaceman. There are several versions out there in youtube land, so I picked two, one an original "video", the other a live version. They're both good.

( and funny.)








Actually, if you only have time for one, the second link posted is a little better - and much better sound quality.


Edited by: misswonderly on Jan 5, 2012 12:24 PM

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