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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Well even Rage Against the Machine moved towards being part of the machine when they started making more and more money. Oh those dirty capitalist! :)


As for the Who Sells Out. I also liked some of the songs but I wouldn't say the cover was one of my favorites, but it was innovative since it was moving Rock in the concept album direction (toped by Tommy as others have noted).



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Incense and Peppermints--very minor hit----not very good group, incidental--I can't recall another hit--There were so many one-hit wonders who were really good


like The Standells--"Dirty Water" or The Shadows of Knight--


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In 1967 Brian released a substitute album for "Smile"--

"Smiley Smile"-- "The smile you give comes back to you.".


It's an altogether beautiful album--starting with Carl singing "Heroes and Villains", a cappellas etc. "Wind Chimes" was by favorite--with their voices imitating the sound. This album is so laid back it seems like a dream. It's well worth hearing if you have the time.


Edited by: cujas on Jan 11, 2012 3:56 PM

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One of the other songs that was supposed to be on "Smile" was "Surf's Up". It was eventually remixed and used as the title track several years later to an album of the same name. It remains one of my favorite Beach Boys songs, though the lyrics are somewhat obtuse.

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I also wanted "Surf's Up". Instead The Beach Boys got revelent and included a song about Kent State--"Student Demonstration Time"--very much of what was going on on my campus at KU at the time.


However, I do remember seeing Brian perform "Surf's Up" on a CBS documentary. He was in the dark (brown?)velour top with jeans, playing the grand piano over his living room sand pit. That's how I'll always remember him.

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Cujas, I agree, Wind Chimes is one of Brian Wilson's sweetest and dreamiest compositions. Which is saying something, considering how many sweet and dreamy songs he wrote.

And yeah, Surf's Up is no slouch in the post-beach Beach Boys' canon either.


Every time I see that thread title in "General Discussion" on *In the Heat of the Night* ( it might have receded to page 2 by now) I think of this early David Bowie song. I know there is a song entitled "In the Heat of the Night", in fact I believe it is played on the opening or closing credits of the movie. And it's not bad at all.

But for some reason it's the Bowie song that comes into my head when I read that title. Also, apparently it was his birthday about a week ago ( January 8th), so it seems a good excuse to post some David Bowie.


In the Heat of the Morning:



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In the Heat of the Night is an excellent 1960s movie, with that wonderful

line, They call me *Mister* Tibbs. I could see Bowie's melody and instrumen-

tation being used, but when his vocal kicks in, well, it just doesn't conjure

up the Deep South, nttawwt.


You can purchase Bowie Bonds at this theater.



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Go, Velvets ! Never seen that footage before. Who's the little kid?


This is by some band called "OK Go". As good a band name as any, really. Catchy tune, fascinating video. It reminds me of the little station identification thing TCM runs, the one with the "cause and effect" machine; all I know is, it ends up making popcorn. No popcorn in this, but plenty of pop. (sorry, couldn't resist.)


I'm kind of surprised youtube was available today...hope I'm not crossing some sacred line by posting a song from it. Anyway, this is called "This Too Shall Pass".




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I was curious too. I read through all the comments, a healthy part of which

were about people's personal experiences in waiting for their own man, and there

was one that said this was from a short film by Warhol, but nobody ever mentioned

who the little tyke was. It must have been an interesting experience growing up

in the environment, if you lived that long.


Neat song and background vocals and neat video. I wonder if they did it all in one

take. The song has to be good to get attention when all that is going on. Still, I'm

sticking with Liberty Mutual for car insurance.



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Hey, even a fly on the wall would have had a fascinating time, watching the Velvet Underground record. I did wonder a little, though, given all the drugs that were (reputedly) floating around with Lou and company at that time, about the well-being of that kiddie. Still, I'm probably doing them an injustice. Maureen and Sterling ended up living quite responsible adult lives ( well, until poor old Sterling bit the dust.)


I don't like the idea of a band promoting a commercial organization in their music, but in the case of that video, I don't see any allusion to State Farm Insurance. Only when you click the "show more info" option does it mention them, at the very end.


Anyway, seems like everyone's hocking something through their music these days. Even Dylan had a go at it ( but I can't remember the product or the song.)

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I likely read that Sterling is no longer among us, but had forgotten it.

The older rock stars, and non-stars, are starting to become like the old

movie and TV stars, can't always remember who is dead and who is

still around. No doubt there were drugs around somewhere, especially

with Lou and Nico in the mix. Maybe they should have had a cop there

24/7. :(


At the very beginning of the video, the little red truck has what looks like

the State Farm logo on its side. My computer room faces the sun, so

sometimes it's hard to tell. With that guy covered in red, I though for a

second it might be a promo for a new Saw movie.


By now doing commercial tie ins is nothing new, so I don't care too much.

How about It's All Over Now, Baby Blue for a Verizon competitor?


YT is okay, but last night I went to Wiki and it is going to be out for 24 hours.

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finance, baby, I'm sure you heard about the "Internet Blackout" protest that occurred yesterday. Well, hardly an entire internet blackout, or we wouldn't have been posting anything anywhere ( yesterday, that is.) You know what would be ironic? Google "wikipedia" and see what the folks at wiki themselves have to say about this. Anyway, I'd sort of thought maybe "youtube" was going to participate too, since they are all about "sharing" copyrighted material online. I mean, that's what we do on this thread - share music.

You know what? I know next to nothing about this whole issue, so if you're really curious, you'll need to educate yourself about it elsewhere. Maybe Mr.CribleCoblis can enlighten you. Also, I think there's a thread about it in "Hot Topics".

Anyway, I suspect you really just wanted to make a joke about my bill-paying habits ( although if I hadn't paid my internet provider bill, a lot more than youtube would be inaccessible to me.)


Otis: "Cibo Matto" - you've played them here before, as I recall. Pretty mellow sound. This time I looked them up ( on wikipedia, no less !). Interesting that they're a couple of American-Japanese ladies, I see they have a connection with Yoko Ono , or at least with her son (Sean, not Julian.)


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