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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.

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Speaking of female singers, I'm becoming more familiar with a band that had somehow escaped me in the'80s, Siouxsie and the Banshees. Possible post on the horizon. And you know, Miss W., WHY I'm currently becoming familiar with Siouxsie........"If you knew Siouxsie, like I knew Siouxsie".


Edited by: finance on Feb 15, 2012 10:01 AM

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Sure, finance, go ahead with your rediscovered new wave craze. I won't sioux.


Today is a day that even most Canadians don't think about. If we were like Americans it would be a national holiday, but of course we're not. It's Flag Day. On Februarary 15, 1965, Canada finally adopted a new flag ( instead of the "Red Ensign", which was just a variation of the British flag. ) Hard to believe now, apparently there was bitter controversy over this.


I believe the "Canadian Red Ensign" looked something like this:




Now our flag looks like this:



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Are you kidding? The Canadian media - or at least, the Toronto media - won't shut up about it.. Apparently Lin's appearance in Toronto co-incided with some special multi-cultural event, Asian Day or something, so Lin's presence in T.O. is doublely exciting ( although not really to me.)


Anyway, since I feel I should play something Canadian today ( for the reason posted below) I'm going with the legendary Leonard Cohen. A man who can't sing, but perversely, many love his voice ( especially women.) Tower of Song:



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Is that what the present Canadian flags looks like? Well, I'll be darned. It

does have a very clear and simple design over the old mix and match

one that I'm sure very few Americans would recognize. Say what you will

about the Soviet Union, but their flag had a superb design and was instantly

recognizable, unlike the current nondescript Russian flag.


Canada was very big in the Yahoo news brief yesterday. One story about a

new law that will make it easier to monitor the net and another one on Trudeau's

son, I believe his name is Justin, raising the possibility again of Quebec separation

because Canada is turning too much to the right. I believe that was the gist of it.

Things must be heating up up north.

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Are you serious, Otis? You live right next door to us, our flag is displayed at all sports events in the U.S. that involve a Canadian team ( so, hockey, baseball, I think basketball...), and you didn't know what the flag of Canada looked like? I knew Americans were only interested in their own country, but to not know what your neighbour's flag looks like - well, I'm flaggergasted. ( I bet you know what the Mexican flag looks like - you folks always pay more attention to Mexico.)

Anyway, I think our flag is simple, well-designed, and immediately identifiable ( as the flag of Canada.) Only problem is, the maple tree does not actually grow everywhere in Canada, so some who might want to be critical could take issue with that, I suppose. ( I think the maple is absent in the Prairie provinces.)


Yeah, Prime Minister Harper is going overboard on a few things. I don't want to "go there".


That was a lovely song, made even sweeter by the singer's delicious Irish accent, which could be clearly discerned even through her singing.


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I apologize Miss W. I was just pulling your leg. I do know what the Canadian

flag looks like, even though I don't watch hockey or basketball at all, and the

Toronto Blue Jays aren't shown very often on the Game of the Week. I agree

your flag is visually distinct, unlike all these tripartite ones which are hard to

tell apart. That old Canadian flag is really way too busy.


I don't want to get into politics either. I just found it surprising that instead of

language and cultural issues, Trudeau wanted to consider separation because

he felt Canada was going too far to the right.


There were three or four live versions of the song on YT. That was the one that

had the clearest emphasis on her vocals. Yeah, it's hard not to notice that Irish

accent. Very engaging.



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Very nice tune by The Jam. So English, those guys. I like that gentle strumming guitar with some very inventive bass - not just the usual bass-lays -down- the- background and the other musicians play over and around it. An under-rated bass -player is Paul McCartney. Listen to some of his bass playing, especially mid- and later Beatles stuff, and you can hear how bouncy and melodic it is. Maybe The Jam were modelling themselves after him. ( Or at least the bassist was.)


Hey, Otis, here's a coincidence ( another one): this CBC radio show I like, "Q", is interviewing none other than The Cranberries next week. What are the odds of that? You post a Cranberries song, which you don't do all that often, and the next day the "Q" host announces he'll be talking to the Cranberries soon. (By the way, the good people at "Q" have already heard all the Star Trek TNG jokes.)


Here's a little thing by British 60s (70s??) band The Move. Maybe you've already posted this one, Otis, I can't even keep track of this stuff anymore. If so, I apologize for the repeat. Don't call out the Fire Brigade on me.




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I've always liked The Jam. They had a great pure pop sound, much like The

Move did back in the day. The Jam also did some great soul influenced songs

on occasion.


A spooky CBC connection? I haven't kept up with the Cranberries, but I liked

their first couple of albums. I have to admit I never got past the original Star

Trek. After the the scene chewing of James Tiberius Kirk, it's hard to get used

to anyone else.


I don't think I have posted Fire Brigade. I had a list on my computer of the songs

I have posted so I wouldn't have repeats, but I accidentally erased it and I don't

think one can go back all the way in the thread to make another list, so I'm going

by what I could get back and my memory, and a good song is worth a repeat anyway.


If there was a continual Flowers in the Rain we wouldn't have need of the Fire Brigade,

or is that Too Much Information?

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Understood, sergeant. I'll get right on it.


1) Not residing in the United States, I do not know whether those who do would have regularly heard "The Maple Leaf Forever" or not. I do know that many native-born Canadians are unfamiliar with it.



2) The lyrics are extremely old-fashioned, some would say politically incorrect. It's perhaps for that reason that the song is not played very often these days.

"In days of yore/ from England's shore / Wolfe, the dauntless hero/came and planted firm/ Brittania's flag/on Canada's fair domain..." something like that.



3) I do not know how the maple leaf became the symbol for Canada ( along with the beaver - no cheap jokes ! - but there is some talk about changing that.) Originally it was the provinces east of Manitoba that formed Confederation, and I think the maple tree is fairly common from Ontario to Prince Edward Island. Of course being a deciduous tree it does not thrive north of a certain latitude. So when such concepts as "what represents Canada?" were being considered, over a century ago, the West, maple-less though it is, did not enter into consideration for what was "Canadian". Tell that to them now. The Prairie provinces are thriving, especially Alberta ( oil, tarry though it is) and Saskatchewan ( potash), paucity of maple trees notwithstanding.



Do you really want to know all this stuff, or are you just being finance?


All right, dammit, you asked for it.





(Note all the sarcastic comments in French about this.)

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Does being finance involve eliciting a long, detailed answer on a subject he doesn't care about? In that case, being finance isn't all it's cracked up to be, and I'm going to change my name to "marketing", another business school subject.......Seriously, your response is appreciated, and I'm certain I've never heard "The Maple Leaf Forever".

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Hey, be careful what you ask for, you might get it.


A very poppy pop song from the 80s, almost too cute and bouncy. But I really like it, it kind of cheers me up when I'm feeling blah. And I only just found out today that the group responsible for it is Canadian. I honestly didn't know this. The video is unbelievably silly, don't watch it, just listen to its poppy little vibe.

Men Without Hats: Pop Goes the World:




Actually, the original video is just too idiotic, I've replaced it with the same version of the song, but a less embarrassing vid.


Edited by: misswonderly on Feb 17, 2012 11:30 AM

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