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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.

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Speaking of fun tunes, I've meant to post something by the comedy/music duo "Flight of the Conchords" for a long time. Anyone in the U.S. heard of these guys? They're from New Zealand, and they're really funny. One of them won the Oscar this year for best song - not that that meant much, there were only two songs nominated anyway.

Here are these really likable funny guys, Flight of the Conchords, with "Mermaid" :



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I said that one day I would post a song by Uriah Heep. Now that

sad day has arrived. Whatever might be said about their music or

artwork, in pretentiousness Heep was second to none. Actually

they sound better than I thought they would. Don't know if that's

a good thing or not. ;


Uriah Heep with Circle of Hands







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Since these message boards are movie message boards, it might be appropriate to say that the best song to ever come out of a movie was "Freddy's Dead", by Curtis Mayfield, from SUPERFLY. I tried to post the studio version this morning, but failed. :(

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I guess that means you never heard a song by The Bee Gees called "Stayin' Alive" from "Saturday Night Fever". Also it has been heard in 15 other films and innumberable TV shows.

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Yea, best song to ever come out of a movie would be impossible for me to do. Would it be a Beatles tune from one of their movies, or a song like The Way You Look Tonight (still played at every wedding I have ever been too), or,,, or ,,, (but I can say it wouldn't be a disco song!).


Edited by: jamesjazzguitar on Mar 2, 2012 8:02 PM

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Thanks. What would really be bizarre is if I said something like, the #1 song EVER from a movie was "Freddie's Dead", by Curtis Mayfield, from SUPERFLY, and the #2 song was "It's Magic", by Doris Day, from ROMANCE ON THE HIGH SEAS. Is that eclectic, or what?.

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I'm smiling at the idea of one song not being able to carry another's



That combo would be even weirder than Sly covering Que Sera, Sera.


Pretty sexy, though Let's Get It On is another good one. I'm surprised to

see Bryan with one side of his collar outside the jacket and the other inside.

You can take the boy out of the coalmines, but.....



I always got a kick out of this scene from I'm Gonna Git You Sucka. First you

see the hero walking down the street and hear that familiar theme music, and

then a few seconds later you see the band walking behind him. I believe this is

from the end of the scene. Really funny movie too.





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> {quote:title=finance wrote:

> }{quote}"Stayin' Alive" couldn't carry "Freddy's Dead"'s jockstrap.

I agree! (Although I can't say I'd have thought to put it quite that way!)


"Stayin' Alive" is okay, but its being way too much overplayed has killed it a bit for me.

I'd MUCH rather hear "Freddie's Dead" any time.


Curtis Mayfield was GREAT and I still don't think he's received all the appreciation he deserves.

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I agree-Curtis Mayfield's music IS great and no one but us seems to even remember him.


And Bogle, your "Nudie suit" comment cracked me up. I'm a fan of Nudie's clothing and just found out on a trip to the Andy Griffith Museum in Mt Airy, NC that his TV show UNIFORM was made by Nudie!

The shirt had a large visible tag and a handwritten note by Griffith points out, "My costumes were made by Nudie, that's what's really special about them (not that I wore it)"



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I'm a little hesitant to call things Nudie suits because maybe there were

other folks doing similar things but I'll go with the odds and give him



Andy Griffith is one of my favorite TV programs, but I had no idea that

his uniform was made by Nudie. He must have had great self control to

produce something that was so plain and unadorned.

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Not while sober. I don't think even Centerfield was wearing a jockstrap.

The closest thing I can remember is that there was a pair of panties that

came with Alice Cooper's School's Out album. I think they were just

made of paper, show panties not work panties.

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I saw Rock Around the Clock Saturday. Not too bad, though the back

story was pretty corny. The Platters really came through. Anyhow, after

the movie they played Uncle Bob's intro again instead of an outro. Oops.

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