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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Man, you have given me an idea for an duet acoustic guitar song. One guitar plays the chords and the other plays the flute part as solo guitar lines. I have always loved this song but kind of forgot about it.


Now I'll google the chords and work that out.


This is a cool early Greg Lake song.

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I'm far from being a musician, but I can see where elements of the song

could make a cool instrumental duet. Actually the music was written by

the flutist, Ian McDonald, though Greg Lake does a fine job on vocals.

The album is just about perfect. Good luck.

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Yeah, that's the main reasons there are all these tortured reconfigurations

of a band's output, with a greatest hits albums coming out every five or

ten years. There are some bands that have released relatively few albums

and have twice as many compilation albums out as "regular" studio albums.


The Who album is a little different. Of course it was done to make money,

but they had other projects and there was no studio album for 1974, so

Odds & Sods was put into the breach.

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But if a guy named George Jones or Roger Miller wanted to sell you insurance

or a car or car insurance, it wouldn't make any difference, but if a guy was named

Webb Pierce, one might hesitate. :(


I thought of Kinky too, but he was born a little too late to be a classic country music


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People like to dis U2 because they are" huge", but their popularity doesn't cancel out their greatness as a rock band. That's a fantastic song, one of those "take you on a journey " songs. A lot of the feeling that comes from this band is due to David "The Edge" Evans' evocative guitar playing.


I never got around to posting a tribute to Levon Helm here, and that's a shame, because he deserves one. So now's the time. Here's Yazoo Street Scandal, which Levon sings.






( I don't think it's the same "Yazoo Street" as the one in Vicksburg, where I stayed once. I swear the b and b I slept in was haunted. )

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In a similar way U2 reminds me a bit of R.E.M. Both have released great

albums and have been around so long that one sort of takes them for

granted and doesn't always appreciate the fine music they have produced

over the years. I haven't kept up with U2 recently, though I have with R.E.M.,

for no particular reason.


I like the Band, but never paid much attention to their later solo endeavors.

Just no enough time. I didn't recognize that song as being from Big Pink,

until I saw it was a bonus track. They do sneak up on you.

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