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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Maybe you like songs with the word "day" in the title. :|


That was a beautiful tune. There's a chain of little shops in Canada, it's a not-for-profit organization that sells handcrafted gift-type items made in developing countries, "Fair Trade" only. The name of this kind of store is "Ten Thousand Villages". I always want to refer to them as "Ten Thousand Maniacs", but nobody seems to get it when I do.


Here's another band that was hugely popular in its time, Led Zepplin. I wouldn't call their music "heavy metal", but it certainly encouraged the beginning of that genre. Anyway, these guys are the closest I get to liking anything even slightly resembling "metal". Or at least "heavy".



From the Old Man with the Bundle of Sticks album, also known as Led Zepplin IV, here's

When the Levee Breaks: ( I tried to find a good live version, I figured it'd be dynamite, live, but all I got was a bunch of hopeless covers.)




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Maybe the band wasn't that big in Canada. I think they got a lot of press

in the U.S., even though I don't believe they sold a whole pile of records.


Levee is one of my favorites. That huge drum and harmonica sound that kicks

if off and the guitar work, especially some of it near the end, and of course the

vocals. Hard to beat. On a non-musical note, I think Jimmy looked a lot better

with long hair then he did with his mid 1960s short hair. And I got a kick out

of his plaid pants from the Noddy Holder collection.


I saw The Song Reamins the Same a long while ago. The concert footage was

good, but the individual band member's "stories" were pretty lame.

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That makes sense. That was their biggest hit in the UK. They were AWOL

in the US. Joy Division is a good example of compilation craziness on the

part of their record company. They only released two albums when they were

together, and there have been about a dozen compilation albums since then.


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See? You have a thing about songs that celebrate days and mornings.


I always liked this, even though it's originally from that hippy-dippy musical Hair, and was popularized by then heart-throb "Oliver". It's actually an irresistably pretty tune, and - it has the word "morning" in the title. Yup, it's "Good Morning, Starshine".





( sorry, Bilgewasser, I'm fairly sure you'd consider this "wuss rock".)

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Every once in a while a group I haven't thought about for a long time just

pops up for no particular reason. I remember when they were The Young

Rascals and wore knickers. Yikes. They did have a lot of good songs in

the late 1960s.

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When you hear a lot of la de da de de das you can be pretty sure you're

getting on the verge of some wimp/wuss "rock." Listening to Oliver back

in the day would have meant automatic dismissal from the hard rock club.

But now most of the wimpy "rock" is seen as pretty good pop songs.


Speaking of hippy-dippy there was the band It's a Beautiful Day, but I never

really got into them.

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Middle of the Road, Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep.


Came across this while I was messing around on YT. They had a

few hits in the UK, nothing in the US. The lyrics are very profound

and it has a groovy dance beat. I give it an 88.







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Question for you guys. There is a great song I hear on Sirius "First Wave". I don't know the title or the artist. Presumably it is considered '80s new wave. It has a recurring refrain, "Look away, look away, look away, look away, look away"......., and another one, "Walk away, walk away, walk away, walk away, walk away"......... What song and artist is this?

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Wow, your comment just proved that pop music in the 70s was not always the same in the U.S. as in Canada. I remember Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep, it was on the radio all the time, you couldn't get away from it. This did not get air time in the States?


finance, I tried to look up the song you spoke of, but the only thing I could find was an Elton John song ( lyrics with "walk away"), and a song by some group called "Shelter" ( with lyrics "look away".) I couldn't find a tune with both "look" and "walk" away ...actually, sounds like the kind of chorus you'd hear in a country song.



Last week Billy Bryans, the drummer for 80s band "Parachute Club", died. Parachute Club was a hugely poplular "alternative", vaguely "leftish" Toronto band whose most well-known number was the anthemic Rise Up. I was going to post it anyway, in honour of Billy Bryans, and because it's a very good tune, but as it happens, it also kind of ties in with the discussion on the "Wrong Time?" thread, since the video is all images of Toronto in the 1980s. Hear 'tis, I just wish they'd uploaded the volume a bit higher.




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I don't think CCCC got any airplay in the US that I can remember, and

I used to listen to the radio pretty frequently in the early 1970s. Nice

pop tune. T. Rex and Slade both had a slew of hit singles around the same

time and neither made much of a showing in the US.


I'm stumped on finance's question too. I can think of a few songs that might

have something slightly similar, but none that fit that description. I hope

it's not one of those songs that is just on the tip of your ear but you just

can't quite get. I didn't listen to the radio very much or watch MTV during the

new wave period, so I might have totally missed it.


One of those everybody's in this together songs. Pretty good. BFI is international.

I think Canada has a population count something like the US, where the city limit

is counted separately from the metro area, the surrounding suburbs. So the city

of Toronto would have a smaller population than the complete Toronto metro area.

Okay, this is getting close to TMI.



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