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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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I have to say, all these country music songs you post have expanded my appreciation of the genre, which I'd always taken only half seriously. Still think "Norma Jean" is rather a confusing name for the lady, but then again, the other "Norma Jean" was ( and still is) known as "Marilyn", so I guess it all works out.


It is a beautiful mild sunny day here in southern Ontario, birds singing, breeze blowing, spring flowers doing their thing...plus it's Saturday. Seemed like a good time to listen to a song about relaxin', going on a picnic, etc. etc.

The Kinks, with Drivin' :



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The dreaded double post sydrome strikes again ! The system won't let us eliminate the extra post completely, so I guess that'as when we write "deleted". Although, I could leave in the youtube link and you could all listen to Drivin' twice.


Edited by: misswonderly on May 5, 2012 1:27 PM

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When I was a kid you'd have had to tie me to a chair to get me to

listen to country music, but much later on I got to liking it. I'm familiar

with the well-known stars, but I'm still learning about the lesser known

performers. Just about everyone shows up on YT.


Over their long career, the Kinks must have written a song on just about

every subject, big and small.


It's sunny here and in the high 70s. I should be outside, but I'm sitting on

my rear watching the ballgame. Let's Go Mets.

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He was indeed the black sheep of the family, so much so that his children

called him "the Moor." Karl's thick German accent and the fact that he really

couldn't play a musical instrument, except for a bit of noodling on the tenor sax,

meant there was no place for him in the act. But his brief time in show biz was

not wasted, as he did write The Freedonian Ideology.

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I never really got into Siouxsie and the Banshees. Too many good bands back

then and not enough time. I think this is a lip synch of the album version, though

the vocals seem to be slightly out of synch.











I never knew they had their biggest UK hit with a cover version of Dear Prudence.







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Uncle Joe holding that little kid up to the multitudes kind of reminds me of Michael Jackson showing off "Blanket".

The Bolsheviks may have won the Revolution, but the Imperialists had a better theme song. The pre-Revolutionary Russian national anthem was very stirring and beautiful. Or maybe I just think that because it was used as the theme music in the 1970s television series of War and Peace, which I remember quite fondly, and which I often used as an excuse to not do my homework.



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I think Uncle Joe had a firmer grasp and a lower platform than Jacko

did. I got a kick out of the scene where someone hands him a rifle and

he aims it. If you want something done right, you have to do it yourself.

I think the music is not the USSR anthem, but a different one. Here is

the USSR national anthem. Leaving politics aside, I think the hammer

and sickle on a red background flag is more memorable and visually

impressive than the current Russian flag, which is just anther bland tricolor.


You also had an excuse not to have to read the book/doorstop.





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For me, the Cars were a little too "pop" to be truly "new wave". To be really New Wave, you have to be down and dirty. "Christine" and Romeo Void's "Never say Never" would be the two that I'd play for the guy, after giving him a Big Mac, Fries, and a Big Gulp.

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But Bilge, my comrade, the music you just posted today is the same as the tune you posted on May 5. A little variation in the arrangements, perhaps, but undeniably the same.

The one I posted is the Imperial Russian national anthem; both the tunes you posted here are the one and only Soviet National Anthem, star and sickle and all.


Maybe they should just go with "Back in the USSR" ( which I'm tempted to post, but know I have already done so. )

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I guess I should have listened more carefully or longer to the two

anthems. One seems to be in a slower tempo than the other, maybe

that threw me off a little. After Stalin died his name was taken out

of the anthem, a very appropriate case of poetic justice.

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That Woody Guthrie bit kind of goes with May. Well, theoretically May 1st, but hey, we can celebrate the ordinary man every day of the month. Even though I suppose that particular song is not exactly "celebrating" anyone. More lamenting, perhaps...


Well, to be fair to Elvis, if you read the accompanying text underneath the vid, it seems he did not make this video himself. Cobbled together footage of him and the Attractions with 80s "new wave" graphics and colours. I think whoever made it was going for a "teenybop" fanzine look, circa 1980s. Although despite the video about the Attractions being made, apparently, in 1985, the recording was made in the late 70s. Green Shirt is from the early Elvis Costello album, "Armed Forces". Good tune - and it segues nicely into my selection for today, from Rockpile, the connection of course being Dave Edmunds and Nick Lowe. They all hung out together back then, still do for all I know. This one really rocks- Born Fighter.



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May 1, May 5, whatever. Actually this song was written in the 1890s I

suppose as a kind of musical sermon about staying on the right track.

Sometimes those CD booklets come in handy.


I know EC probably had little to do with the video, which I suppose was

made for the Greatest Hits collection, but still, it's pretty bad.


The four members of Rockpile, which I think only released one album, seemed

to be back and forth on all kinds of musical projects, mostly those of Lowe

and Edmunds, who, of course, were the two best known members. It can get

pretty complicated following all the variations.



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