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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Well, this was bound to happen sooner or later...NTTAWWI. We finally both posted the same song. I love Range Life, a gorgeous tune. I even like the way singer Stephen Malkmus' voice kind of wobbles in the chorus ( possibly deliberate, a reference to his "range"? )

I posted this very song on this very thread at least a year ago. At the time you said you knew little about Pavement, but perhaps you've discovered them since.

Come to think of it, I wouldn't be at all surprised if I've posted a song now and then that's appeared here before. Our tastes are not that dissimilar.


Anyway, whatever, just glad you like the song. Here's another by Pavement from their first album, Slanted and Enchanted. Grungier, rougher-sounding than Crooked Rain ( which contains the delectable Range Life ), it's been compared to earlyish Nirvana. Ah, the 90's.


Summer's nigh, and here's a Pavement song called Summer Babe:



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You have a good memory, Miss W. Better than mine. I had all my songs listed

on my computer, so as not to repeat them, but I made one wrong move and they

were erased. This thread only goes back so far, so I've done the best I can. Now I

keep them on index cards. Low tech but lasting.


Pavement is a band I'd heard of but never had a chance to listen to, so I finally

ordered a CD. That song does sound a little Nirvanish. I noticed about two-thirds

of the way through it sounds a little like VU, which might be true of every third band

out there.


Summers's almost here and the time will be right for racing in the streets. And innocent

school girls and screen doors slamming, etc. Today in Brucieland.

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Bilgewasser, my father must have played that Lefty Frizzell song a million and one times, and I haven't heard it since before he died in 1993. Wow, thank you for pulling this out of your hat. That was one unexpected, emotional surprise... :)


Only on the TCM Message Boards!

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Maybe, but that happens on all types of boards. It's not too bad on this one,

relatively speaking. I think people know by now that if John Wayne or Jane

Fonda is mentioned, however innocuously, sooner or later the fur is going to fly.


I'm glad Eugenia used the phrase pulled this out of your hat instead of somewhere

else. Ouch. :0

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Oasis has often been compared - usually by Oasis - to the Beatles. Which is a perfect seguey to this:


Today, June 1, is the 45th anniversary of the release of Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band . There's not one weak track on this ( I must be the 10,000th person to have observed that) , but one of my favourites is "Fixing a Hole". Plus, it's raining today, at least in my part of the woods.



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Yes indeedy they do and there are references to the Beatles in some of

their songs. They probably have a better case than other bands of that

time, as far as it goes.


Sgt. Pepper was just in time for the Summer of Love. I like all the songs on

the album, though I must admit that Within You Without You is my least

favorite. It's the Indian summer of George.


We had a hellacious downpour that started about ten minutes before Dog Day

Afternoon began. That's the one drawback to DirecTV. Things cleared up, so

I only missed the first ten minutes. :)

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