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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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As you likely know, T. Rex was really big in the UK during the early 1970s, but

they never made much of an impression in the US. I believe Get It On (Bang

a Gong) was their only big American hit, so that's why it's the only one that gets

played, but there are indeed a lot of other good T. Rex songs out there.


More T. Rex poetry from Telegram Sam.:


Bobby's alright, Bobby's alright

He's a natural born poet, he's just out of sight. B-)



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I was going to post this one anyway, but it does go along with T. Rex.

Slade also had a lot of hits in the UK, even more than T. Rex, but never

did that much in the States. I believe they were the most successful

1970s UK band as far as singles went.


Slade doing their later day hit Run Runaway.















Christmas in July:







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But why did they choose such an unpleasant name? Is there some kind of in-joke I'm not getting? (Please don't tell me it's anything dirty.)

Frank Zappa has an album called "Uncle Meat". Yuck. How weird is that? I think it's a guy thing , to think of these weird non-sequitor names. Monty Python sometimes did it too. I don't get it.


Be that as it May ( or June or July), it's a nice indie pop song. "Indie" pop song, so it's cool, it's got that "alternative" cache. Not that there's anything wrong with mainstream pop songs.


Here's another obscure little band from that late 80s era, Galaxie 500. I should have posted this on your Independence Day. Better late than never. "Fourth of July" :



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I'm not sure where they came up with the name, but on first hearing, it

does sound like some type of speed metal outfit. I believe they started

out as more hardcore and then changed to a more melodic sound. Too

bad Zappa couldn't get his record company to put out a CD that combined

Uncle Meat with Burnt Weenie Sandwich, but I suppose that ship has sailed.


Good song by Galaxie 500. I don't think I would recall that name, except for

the fact that they do a cover of Yoko's Listen, The Snow Is Falling, which I have

heard before. It ends with a couple of minutes of solid noise distortion. Sweet.





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Well, not really. Jeepster was a hit in the UK, but not in the US, where it

didn't even make the Top 100, according to Wiki. Get It On, etc. went to

#10, but their other singles only got into the 70s. They didn't do much better

in Canada, but they did very well in Ireland (Irish Republic). Slade probably

has similar numbers.


Shame to him who thinks evil of Wiki. :)


My bad, it's Burnt Weeny Sandwich. Maybe it's one of those East Coast vs.

West Coast things.


Hey, TVLand is back on, so Viacom and DirecTV must have come to an agreement.

And Encore should be on until August 1st. TGIF.



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Well classical music is the anti-vibe that must be administered before the

rock/pop vibe can return in full after the disruption due to the technical difficulties.


I like classical music, but I really don't have enough time to listen to it, and

many complete pieces are on the long side, a little too long to post. Plus, my

knowledge of classical music is kind of hit and run, so I go with what I know best.

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Fron the sacred to the profane. I just couldn't put Mozart and Nick Lowe on the same post. Both are great, though.


Here's a naughty little tune from Nick. It's almost a throwaway, and yet it's so much better than a lot of what we hear today. ( Old Fogey Syndrome?) How many songs that come out "these days" have such good bass playing, so well-integrated with the guitar? How many have that odd syncopated rhythm, with the drums sort of driving the song along? And how many have such semi-suggestive lyrics? (oh wait, that's the only thing they do have.) Yes, I'm referring to the "Popular Music Losing Quality" thread.



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That's okay, sometimes I have no idea what I'm talking about either.

I can't watch those videos right now because the only way I can log

in is with IE, and I'm still using IE7, which is what I had before I started

using Firefox, but in order to watch the videos I'll have to upgrade to IE9,

which I'll do later and see what happens. IE7 is so cluncky, maybe the

upgrade is better.


Yes, I think a lot of it is OFS, folks not liking new music and sticking with

what they liked earlier. I don't really keep up with pop music like I used to,

but there will always be good stuff out there. Just like there was bad, mediocre,

and good rock or alternative music, there is likely bad, mediocre, and good hip

hop or techno, etc. The kids are alright. B-)


I prefer totally suggestive lyrics. As GB might have said--Let it all hang out.


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