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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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No, far from letting me off the hook, it puts me on another hook. Not only was I wrong with the "counting" thing, turns out that isn't even in the title of the song.


I have to admit, however, that I'm not too worried about it all. As long as we get a hook in the next song Bildwasser posts.

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Since everyone makes mistakes sooner or later, it's best not to make too

much of others'


Speaking of mistakes, I'm still having trouble with this site. Firefox didn't work

most of yesterday and, so far, not today. It's a minor annoyance, but still a


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Bild, ( damn ! "Bilge" sounded much better ), I may not post much on this thread these days, ( unlike days of yore this is your thread stream of consciousness isn't working here )

but I still check out what music you've selected for you song o' the day. Just thought you'd like the feedback, so you know you're not howling in the wilderness.

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