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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.

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C.Bogle, I was experiencing technical difficulties with this website at the exact same time. Must have been some problem with the TCM connection this afternoon.


Thought I'd post a song. It's pretty timely (well, the theme of this song is always timely.)







I actually wanted the original recording of this, I think it's the best version, but couldn't find it.


Edited by: misswonderly on May 24, 2010 6:09 PM

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I think that happened to a lot of folks this afternoon, Miss W. Maybe it was just one

of those occasional glitches. Good video. I haven't heard that one in a long time.

When I get the time, I'll post one of the songs from that album, there were certainly

a lot of good ones on it.

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Hi, C.Bogle - I'm a big Elvis Costello fan. I thought, since you just posted one of his songs, I'd post a song by one of his pals -Dave Edmonds. A very under-rated rocker. This tune also ties in with our overall TCM classic movie theme. I thought it was kind of fun. (ps -thanks for all the great songs.)



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Hi Miss W. I have to be careful, because I'm liable to get Dave Edmunds mixed up with

Nick Lowe, in regards as to who wrote or sang what. I'll try to post a Dave Edmunds

song soon. Apropos of Hollywood, Nick Lowe wrote a song about Marie Prevost, the

early movie star, though I believe he spelled it Provost in the title. It leaves the inaccurate

impression that Marie, after she died, was partially eaten by her dog, but I suppose that

was too good a story for him to resist. So it goes.

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