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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Yep, during Bowie's relatively short-lived "blue-eyed soul" period. Pretty good

album, though I haven't listened to it in a while. I believe the Thin White Duke

shtick was up next, followed by the Berlin Eno/Krautrock thingie. Can't remember

what came after that. You'd need a detailed chart to keep up with all the Ccchanges.

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I've tried, God knows I've really tried, but I just can't seem to get my head - or my ears - around hip-hop. Some of it's ok, but I can't imagine listening to an entire CD's worth of rap or hip-hop music at one sitting. I admit, a lot of the lyrics are clever.


A few days ago I rediscovered this song, came out in the early 2000s, I think. It's by a group called The Killers, who were Flavour of the Month at the time. I understand they're still around, but it's only their first album I'm familiar with. Anyway, this is a killer song. Great melody, lovely arrangements, and it rocks ( well, maybe a little sedately, but it still rocks. Can a song be a "sedate rocker", or is that an oxymoron?)

I give you All These Things That I Have Done. By the way, the video is entertaining, but I've never figured out what it has to do with the song. Doesn't matter.



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Sounds like a good threesome. I know Bowie had a relationship with Reed

(I mean a "platonic" one), but I think they had some arguments along the way.

He also had close ties with Iggy, especially around the Berlin period. I think

I read they shared an apartment in Berlin. Wouldn't want to be their landlord.

I don't know about Lou and Iggy, but they likely at least crossed paths sometime

or other. Ah, The Golden Years.

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Makes me want to jump in the car and go on a road trip to San Francisco ( although that's probably more attributable to the video than the song itself.)


There's a radio show on the CBC up here called "Q". It's a good show, and every Friday they play the same song while announcing the production credits for the week. I never knew what the song was, and recently discovered it by accident.

It's The Trammps , coming at you with *Disco Inferno*. Dig it.



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I like those kinds of videos. It's a lot more relaxing than actually driving on

the interstate.


Even a disco-challenged person like me knew that The Trammps sang Disco

Inferno. Dig those red and white unis with the bell bottoms. Yikes. Looks like

they're cruising around on the Circle Line. I usually laugh whenever I hear the word

boogie in a song lyric, it's so overused.


I was channel surfing one night and came across one of those Time-Life music

collections ads for the disco period. The strange thing was they never mentioned

the word disco. It was called something like dance fever. Hmmm.

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Wow, Playmobil rock stars ! Look at that drummer go !


I always liked Playmobil better than Lego. I suppose they serve different purposes.


Back in the spring, a legendary "roots" musician died. His name was Doc Watson. Here he is doing a Jimmy Rodgers tune, "Pickin' the Peaches in Georgia". Why does everybody pick on the poor man?



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Yeah, I got a kick out of the drummer. Talk about keeping the beat.


Doc Watson was a native Tar Heel, and there was quite a bit of coverage

around here when he passed. I do like that song, though I'm not all that

much into Americana or whatever they're calling it these days. Of course

he was doing it long before.


I never picked peaches in Georgia, but I did pick pecans there, right off the

ground of course. There's even a specialized implement to do it if you don't

want to bend down low.


Down here it's all about picking apples. That's the main crop.

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Yeah, that one deserves four stars, though I don't hear it very often.


Ohhh I ... I love the nightlife,

I got to boogie on the disco 'round, oh yea.

They wore out the grooves on that one.


Boogie on Reggae Woman. Good song, but kind of a weird title.

I don't associate reggae, at least old school reggae, with boogieing,

more like standing in place and slow head nodding as the big or

small spliff kicks in.



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