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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Oh yeah, from the album Van Morrison His Band and Street Choir. Lot of great tracks on that.


Speaking of Van the Man, I'm afraid that a few of his early songs are about the singer's ( who may or may not be Van Morrison) obsession with a very young girl.

Since some of us have been talking about Lolita on another thread, I figure we might as well listen to Van Morrison and Them; Go On Home, Baby. It's a great tune, and clearly based on the same song as the Beach Boys' Sloop John B ( similar in both chord changes and lyric, especially the chorus.)

In this case, Van nobly resists temptation.





edit: of course the singer is Van Morrison, what I meant was, I'm not sure if he's speaking for himself, or simply doing what singers do, adopting a "persona" as the song's narrator.


Edited by: misswonderly on Sep 26, 2012 10:39 AM

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As you say, it's especially easy to hear in the chorus. Also sounds a bit like

the early Rolling Stones, down to the vocal. There is a little ambiguity since

the girl's age isnt mentioned, whereas in Lolita I'm pretty sure she is twelve

years old when she and Humbert first cross paths. I guess that makes The

Beatles look good since She was just seventeen in I Saw Her Standing There.

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Against my will, I've been infected by the boogie bug. Funny how slow these

old songs sound today, like they're being played at the wrong speed. Oh no,

the boogie bug. Won't you please, please, help me, help me, help me oooo.





Silver Convention mit Fly, Robin, Fly.




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I love it that we can go straight from the grungiest of grunge rock bands to good ole boy country.

I take it back about my not liking anything by Nirvana. If only for that highly recognizable riff in Come as You Are.

Webb's jacket is pretty fancy-dancey. I want one.


Ok, it's October 1st. I'm thinking about Hallowe'en already, even though that's on the last day of this month, not the first.

Actually, I'm thinkin' "Witch-aye Woman." I know we reference Seinfeld a lot around here, but that's because it's so funny, and so often fits with something in real life (RL). So, check out both these clips, the first being a kind of introduction to the second ( although its sound is out-of-sync.)






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Too bad Nirvana never covered a Webb Pierce song. Webb was a phenomenally

successful country artist during the1950s. I believe his Nudie suit was meant as

a salute to our national park system.


Well, I'm a Desperado kind of guy, though Witch-aye Woman is good too. I just

hope Puddy doesn't program the radio to those Christian music stations again,



Too early to think about Halloween, though obviously the stores don't agree. It

doesn't feel like that atmosphere that late October has yet, which makes things

even spookier. It will soon enough be time to cue up the Black Sabbath cuts. ]:)

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Well, if you look very closely at "Joni," I think you'll notice....just kiddin'.


If I recall it correctly, the song was written about the record executive

David Geffen, who was able to get away, temporarily, from the hectic

record business on a trip to.....Paris. Now, if you look closely at a photo

of "David," I think you'll notice....



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Notice I have not said one word about Joni MItchell's birth place.


These guys have just been nominated to the Rock 'n' Roll Hall of Fame. They have a cultish fanatical following. I've never paid much attention to them, but evidently they have followers who model their lives around them. These guys, Rush, are from Lichtenstein. Here's a "classic" offering, Limelight :





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Maybe that's because she got the heck out of Canada and moved to So Cal

as soon as she could. :)


Rush has been around what, a million years or so? I never really got into them,

just one of those things, and nothing to do with the fact that they come from the

frozen north. I believe there used to be a band called Mahogany Rush, but I don't

remember if they were a separate group or if Rush just dropped the Mahogany and

right now I'm too lazy to Google it. A good short project for the weekend.

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