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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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I believe you guys are thinking of "Teakwood Rush", who were ordered to disband due to environmental concerns around the endangered species status of teak.


Yesterday was Thanksgiving here in Canada ( yes, I know you know ), and I'd meant to post this bittersweet ( but mostly sweet) song, Ray Davies is thanking someone or other for the Days. Interesting video.




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Well, Teakwood Rush was one sneaky band, maybe because they were managed

by Peter Grant and Allen Klein, or maybe that's just the way they were. They only

pretended to disband, but actually changed their name to Blood Diamonds and kept

right on rockin'.


The Kinks put out so many of those charming little songs. Brighton Rocks. All we

did yesterday was celebrate a genocidist who never set foot in what became the

U.S. Pitiful.

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I'm now at the Philly central free library. They have weekly speakers, for which I should get a schedule. I've never seen any signs promoting the speakers, and I only find out the day of the speaker. Two weeks ago was David Byrne, and tonight is Pete Townshend. Both were listed as "sold out" which I don't understand. It's supposed to be the FREE Library.

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From one legendary female singer to another. Slight change of pace.


Sandy Denny didn't just lend her beautiful voice to Fairport Convention. At one point she helped form a band called "Fotheringay". They were a one album wonder, but it's a fine album.



Now, Sandy wasn't much of a rocker. But she sure could sing, and she had great taste in those ethereal, soft British folk type numbers. Here's one of the loveliest tracks from Fotheringay's eponimously titled album. This is "The Pond and the Stream" :




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Sandy did have a lovely voice which seemed especially suited to those

sensitive folk or folk rock songs. I'm sure she could have been a fine

rock singer too, if that had been her choice, but obviously it wasn't.


Didn't Holy F**k start out as Holy Sh*t, and then there was some kind of

musical disagreement and they both went their separate ways?


I wouldn't be surprised that, in all the names of unknown bands, there wouldn't

be at least one Dump in there somewhere. Imagine all the punning titles they

could have: Takin' a Dump, Live Dump, etc.

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