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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Deb's looking a little weightier than of yore, but she's still pretty, and she still rocks. ( actually, that vid is from at least 15 years ago, isn't it?)


Getting close to Hallowe'en. Here's Tom Waits with Cemetery Polka. The sound quality isn't all that great, so for your auditory delectation, I'm throwing in a live version as well. Which in some ways is better than the original.




live version ( he doodles around a bit first, soyez patient...)



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She did put on some pounds. I'm not sure how old the video is, but according to

some of the comments, she's much thinner now. I've always liked Blondie and Debbie.


That's a pretty spooky song, one of those dancing skeletons numbers with some

bizarre instrumentation.


How could I leave out this possibility, shame on me: What A Dump!

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Steve Winwood looks like he's about 16 in that clip. A very talented guy, and a fine songwriter. Here's a tune he wrote for Traffic. I have an uncomfortable feeling I may have posted this here before, which would be too bad, as Traffic has recorded many good songs, and I could have gone with something different. But hey, 40.000 Headmen is a great track, so baby, I don't care.




(sorry about the ad.)

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Note for misswonderly -


The most bizarre thing just happened. A pm just showed up in my Inbox, from you, dated September 4! Wow, talk about this quirky board! Please know that I didn't ignore your message, and I also just replied. Thanks!! :)


Okay, sorry, on with the music! (speaking of Traffic, I love the song "John Barleycorn":



Edited by: EugeniaH on Oct 26, 2012 9:51 AM

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Steve was a prodigy, but by the time Blind Faith came around, he was already an

old man of 21. Just about all Traffic songs are worth more than one listen.


I remember when the Blind Faith album came out in the U.S., many people wondered

who Ric Grech was. Everybody knew the other three, but not him. He was probably

better known in the UK than here. After BF he did play on a few Traffic albums and

joined KGB, one of those second tier super groups. Unfortunately he had a long term

problem with drink and drugs, which led to his early death. A very talented musician

who, due to circumstances, was overshadowed.





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Yup, Can't Find My Way Home is a great song. One that kind of stays with you, even if you don't hear it for years, the moment you do again, it's still just as evocative as the first time you heard it.


For Hallowe'en: Jeff Beck's answer to Howlin' Wolf's I Ain't Superstitious. They're both really good, just different. Rod's vocals are great here. This was when Rod Stewart could stil be taken seriously.

Watch out for those black cats.



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For some reason I sort of missed out on Jeff Beck. No particular reason. He does do

a nice workout on the guitar and Rod's vocals are pretty good. There was quite a lot

of angst when Rod "went Hollywood" and got away from his original just one of the mates

persona. Now that's all water under the bridge and he's doing those 1930s and 1940s

classic song covers, like so many middle aged and beyond rockers do. Whatever.


Watch out for black bears too.

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Well, why don't you challenge yourself, and find one?.......For me, certain songs will forever be asociated with a particular geographical location, becuase the song was playing on my car radio when I was passing a particular location. "Can't Find My Way Home" is one of those songs.


Edited by: finance on Oct 31, 2012 3:18 PM

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Let's go to the numbers--one album, six songs. The only clunker of the six is

the Ginger Baker 15 minute long jam Do What You Like.+ For that type of thing,

it's really not half bad, but it's the one I would pick if I had to pick one. There are

songs or albums I associate with a certain place or time, but none are from the

Blind Faith album.

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Ha ! I remember the alternative version to this, in which the lyrics, most tasteless and politically incorrect, as would fit the mentality of a circa 1968 kid, went like this:


"The Addams Family started

When Uncle Fester farted

The children are retarted

The Addams family."


Apologies for tastelessness and political incorrectness. Not to mention the spelling mistake.


Today is "All Saints' Day" ( I think), so it's not too late to post spooky songs, Here's the great Richard Thompson with an ancient, eerie tune, "She Moved Through the Fair".




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Don't mess with the family Addams. That show was must see TV when I was a

kid. All my friends watched it. I recall the bubblegum cards and the Uncle Fester

light bulb that would light up when you stuck it in your mouth. TVLand showed it

about five years ago. Of course it wasn't as funny as it originally was, but not a

bad show overall.

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Right, it's so much better to die (horribly, at that) if it means telling the truth would embarrass/"shame" someone in order to live. The woman's "honour" was so much more important than her lover's actual life.

This kind of story always makes me crazy...it's such a twisted sense of morality, of values, of whatever you want to call it. Hey, Johnny, let's talk about your priorities here ! Let's see, three people will be hurt, humiliated, and embarrassed for a while. Maybe a marriage will break up, probably a friendship. These things are far more important than a man's life. What is wrong with this picture?


Yeah, I know I'm over-reacting, but Long Black Veil always gets me. She must have been a selfish evil woman, to let an innocent man die just because she didn't want it known that she was having an affair with him. Actually, they could make a movie based on Long Black Veil's lyrics. They probably already have, give or take a detail or two.


I know, I know, it's only a song. X-(

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