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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Yes, it's only a song, Ingrid. I posted it because it has a bit of a spooky feel

and Johnny's voice seems perfect for it. Gentlemanly discretion is a fine thing,

but when it meets a hangman's rope, it's time to leave it aside and let the chips

fall where they may. I wouldn't take a death sentence just because my best buddy

might get upset. No way. And the lady is being pretty selfish. I guess if Jethro could

make a film out of Ode to Billy Joe, someone could do it with this. (Can't blame

Johnny too much since he didn't write the song. It was originally a hit for Lefty



I've heard that Rolling Stones' song title forever, but I never actually heard the song before

the thought of the Mankman came up.

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Good tune. I always liked the Kingston Trio, but I never quite got around to

actually buying any of their albums. I remember I used to visit an older cousin

who had a bunch of Peter, Paul and Mary records. He kept a tight watch on

those albums, so he might have had some Trio records hidden away too that

he didn't want some grubby kid to get his paws on.

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They could have used that name for a reunion concert in 2007. I believe they're

still out there doing concerts every once in a while, though Alvin Lee is no longer

with the group. The Young Rascals were smart to change their name to The Rascals

not too long after or else they'd have to make some embarrassing name changes.

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Belle and Sebastian are not wimpy, they're fey. There's a difference. By the way, I posted what I consider to be their best song here on this thread - well, that was about a year and a half ago, so I do't really expect anyone to remember it. The song is really great, it's called "Lazy Line Painter Jane".


Giant Sand is this strange off-kilter part-"roots", part rock, part just plain weird band that's been around for ages but nobody's heard of them. Their main guy is Howie Gelb ( yeah, I know, whoever he is...)


This is just the kind of music video I like. And the song ain't bad either. Giant Sand with "Yer Ropes" :



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That's really funny that I did that. I think I was flipping back and forth between the "Pick 4 Noirs" thread in General Discussions and this one. (So, by rights Giant Sands' "Yer Ropes" should be on the Noir thread.)


Usually I check. I post the link, and then click and actually listen to and watch the video all the way through, first, because naturally I like my own music choices, and second, to make sure there are no glitches or technical problems. Or anything ( like a hard core porn scene right in the middle of the video. But so far, dang it all, that hasn't happened.)

But of course the rare time I don't check, there's a mix-up.


Oh well, here's Giant Sands with "Yer Ropes". At least it looks like a dark city they filmed this in. Ok, dark small town. Make that very small town. Well at least it's dark.



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