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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Sh*t happens on the net. A little Touch of Evilish, though I don't think Orson

Welles would dig that kind of music. What a relief they changed their name

from Giant Sandworms. I read Dune when I was a teenager and they creeped

me out. Yuck. Hey, there's a connection to Yer Blues.

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The Move ! How come so few people know about them?

Anyway, as I'm sure you know, Roy Wood from The Move went on to form The Electric Light Orchestra. A bit too proggy for me, but I did always like "Can't Get it Out of My Head." Here it is, mellatron and all (at least I think it's a mellatron.) Very spacey and proggy lyrics.



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I think I've aleady mentioned this and you might know it too, but The Move was one

of those groups which were big in the UK, but never caused much of a stir in the US.

At least T. Rex and Slade had a few modest hits here, but I don't think The Move even

did that. Which is too bad cause they had a lot of worthwhile songs.


Roy Wood was a mover. I think he was only in ELO for the first or maybe first two albums.

By the time of Eldorado he had left. I bought Eldorado when it came out and wore the

needle out on it. Quite a unique sound at the time, though there was a prog rock feel to

some of it, though ELO never went over the top like Yes did.

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Actually.....I think I've got this right, Roy Wood was one of the founders of The

Move and Jeff Lynne joined later. Then they went on to form ELO, but Roy left

early and formed Wizzard and slowly drifted into oblivion, at least in the US.

ELO turned out to be quite successful, more successful than The Move. And

.......Bev Bevan, the drummer, was with The Move from early on and was with

ELO for most of its existence, so the drummer, usually in the background, might

have been the longest serving member in these two groups. There is an English

illustrator who draws charts of different bands' "genealogies," tracking when the

different members dropped out and new ones came in and old ones dropped in

again. Compared to some groups, The Move is not all that complicated.


Vera Lynn, she was the bomb (with god given a s s).


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Why not? They could have a whole month of classic porn essentials- Deep Throat,

The Devil in Miss Jones, Behind the Green Door, and there must be one other I

can't think of offhand. These things are about forty years old anyway. I'd also like to

hear the banter between the two on the subject. Uncle Bob might wind up sounding

like Jimmy Stewart, um...er....well you see...I...say...do you..er....wear panties...I


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