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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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You can hear the connection with Roxy Music in that track. By the way, apparently Brian Eno's just released ( NOv.12) a new album, called Lux.


Bild, I know you like those crazy punk girl bands from the 90s, so I'm treating you to a little Bikini Kill. I double dare you to listen to it.



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I haven't bought an Eno album since the late 1970s, the decade when

he released all those great albums. After that I believe he got more into

ambient music. Maybe one of these days I'll take a chance.



I remember reading about Bikini Kill back in the day, but that's about

as far as it went. They sound a bit like X, but more punky and less

popy, at least in this tune. Any band which has a member who wears

a halter top with **** written on her stomach can't be all bad.



I went to see Killing Them Softly and what should come out of those

great surround sound movie speakers but the beginning of Heroin, but

it only went on for about a minute.



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Very interesting article. I've read a bit about MMT over the years in different

books, though not as detailed as to the specifics of the recording process.

Most mention that it was basically Paul's idea, though the others seemed

happy to go along. I have a VHS tape of MMT which the old USA channel

showed a number of years ago. As a movie, it's not much, but the music

is wonderful and now it's also a document of the period. I'll have to dig it

out one of these days. I got a laugh out of Ringo saying that Lennon liked

to have one or two midgets around. Okayy. Whatever.

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I don't really have a list of three favorite Jimi Hendrix songs, but those are

all good. I'll just add, in no particular order, The Wind Cries Mary, Bold As

Love, Red House, Burning of the Midnight Lamp, and Crosstown Traffic.

There are a lot more good ones too.


I remember reading somewhere that Hendrix, who was insecure about his

singing voice, felt that if Dylan could do it, so could he.

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