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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.

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One of the best of the power trios. They weren't together for a long time, but still put

out some great music. Cream doing the old blues classic, Sitting on Top of the World.






Okay, MFYTPOS wouldn't consent to play that one. Let me try Sunshine of Your Love






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Came across this interesting video by chance. From the Freddie Mercury Memorial Concert,

the royal family of English rock, glitter/glam branch. David Bowie, Mick Ronson, the remaining

members of Queen, and Ian Hunter performing Mott the Hoople's All The Young Dudes.




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Good old Ringo got to sing at least one song on every Beatles' album. He does the lead

vocals on the Beatles' cover of Buck Owens's big hit Act Naturally. Even won an Oscar.






George is getting sick of SMFYTPOS. He's very frustrated with this garbage site. They

better get on the ball or George will be angry. Ringo got shafted again. Let me try this

one, It Won't Be Long by the Beatles




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If the first one was "Act Naturally" it is not coming up but that's ok because it is not very high on my list. Otherwise "It Won't Be Long" is a fine song. A like the way that after it rips through the song it has the lovely four chord tag to end it.

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Yes, I don't think Act Naturally would be too high on anyone's list of best Beatles' songs,

but it is a good little number, and Ringo doesn't get to be to the forefront very often. Going to

try one more time to post it with a different number and see what happens. Nope.


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Joy Division had a brief run in 1979 and 1980, when lead singer Ian Curtis committed

suicide. The band had previously agreed that if any member left the group, they would

no longer use the name, and they kept to that, morphing into the synth band New

Order, which went on to further success. Joy Division doing their semi-downer rock

song Love Will Tear Us Apart.




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Haven't had much luck in posting a Roxy Music song, let me try this one and see what

happens. Roxy's heyday was in the early to mid 1970s, but like a lot of bands, they would

go on "hiatus" and pop up with with a new album every once in a while. Here is a later

version of the group covering John Lennon's Jealous Guy.




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Brian Eno was with Roxy Music for their first two albums, then went solo, leading to

an influential career, though he never sold many albums. And here's the rare video

that is a good complement to the music, By This River.




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Haven't listened to them recently, but I agree, they are four great albums, and contain

a lot of different styles of music. Too bad they never sold very well.


Let me see if YouTube will cooperate a little and post a song from Eno's first solo

album. Baby's on Fire is a fine rock song with a fantastic guitar solo by Robert

Fripp. The video is okay, better than looking at the album cover for five minutes.




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