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"Yes we can can!" said Little Nicola.


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Steeleye Span was one of the group of bands who revived traditional English folk

songs and added modern instrumentation, and occasionally wrote their own songs

in that style. Here they are doing one of their biggest hits, All Around My Hat.



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I just wish youtube would be a little more reliable. I can't figure out why some videos

don't post. Automatic for the People is one of the best R.E.M albums with many

great songs on it, including Monty Got a Raw Deal, about you know who. Try to

post R.E.M again next week, hopefully with a better outcome.

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SMFYTPOS strikes again. Two videos in a row that "aren't available." What a piece of

internet junk. It makes the TCM site look good!!! Let me try one more time, and if it's

strike three I'll wait until after the holiday, or else smash my computer like Pete used to

smash his guitar. Here's nothin'. The Meat Puppets perform the YT theme song.




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Sad but true, at least today. As Rod said to Marlon, Maybe this just isn't my day.

In lieu of a song, here's a bit of related gossip. It certainly sounds plausible. During the

filming of the famous taxi scene Steiger, though not on camera. sat through take after

take so Brando could play his big speech off Steiger's character. But when it came time

for Steiger to film his part of the scene, he had to say his lines to an assistant director-

Brando had gone home for the day. Thanks to Penny Stallings.

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The Pink Floyd clip came up as unavailable yesterday , so I went back and double-checked and it is

still on YT. Try it one more time, and if that doesn't work, I'll go with close kin.


No deal on that. SMFYTPOS maintains its pathetic standing. Let me see if something by

Die Konigs der Kraut Rock works. Kraftwerk performing Trans Europe Express ein, zwei,




http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LWlgbAc3bbM fmt=18

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SMFYTPOS acting up again, piece of internet garbage. One hostage video was finally

sprung from its idiotic grasp. Pink Floyd finally got through, performing an early number,

Astronomy Domine. Part of the video is a hilarious interview with a patronizing type,

who just doesn't seem to get it. Funnier than a Monty Python sketch.




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English rock stars are notorious for their bad dental work, but it would be difficult for them

to top Shane MacGowan of the Pogues, celebrating Christmas in September with +Fairytale

of New York+ with guest vocals by Kirstie MacColl. Hey, this video went through! Must be the

luck of the Irish.





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