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i believe some fellow tcm-ite already wrote this one, just in case though


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Hollywood stars that either served or did not broken down to each in   the war of all wars  ww2=l941-l945


now I can name a ton, but wish others would fill in the others and with details such as 4-f and the rest please

example  the more then legendary JOHN WAYNE-(l907-1979) had tiny feet to quote bacall & many others at just size 5 & J/2 & I always found it truly awful and painful for the duke when he reached between  265-275lbs at 6'4 & 1/2!

Later u.s. president Ronald Reagan-(l9ll-2004) was either near or far sighted

The Great: Spencer Tracy's-(l900-l967) kidneys were already lousy by '41


Cagney-(1899-1986) MAY HAVE ACTUALLY BEEN ONLY A COUPLE MONTHS TOO OLD ALREADY, THOUGH FMR POLO-PLAYING PAL OF *Tracy's  Leslie Howard-(l893-l943) was not only permitted to join the RAF, but was killed in doing so in an airplane attack, or maybe?

& AFI's A #1 all-time male movie star, voted so in it's 1999 epic survey  HUMPHREY BOGART-(l899-l957) like somewhat friend CAGNEY, may have also been over the wwII hill, born in January of 1899?

And a personal note, a true blue grande old gal, now also gone  Ms. Geraldine Parker-(l922-2007) was more like my grandmother then my blood grandmother ever was! Welp, she & her long deceased husband were punch up the holes scripters in HOLLYWOODS GOLDEN AGE, they even knew the likes of STANWYCK & R. TAYLOR a bit & a few more including SABU-(l924-63) very well too.  Thing is SABU had just gotten home from a hospital visit/physical,etc & got a clean bill of health-(this of course 2 decades after the war) Then the little guy simply dropped dead on his wife's nap!!!  HEART FAILURE  Now most especially in our disgusting & pc era make things up, but Geri had several photo albums, including him in his uniform to prove all she spoke about and you'd have to drag it out of her, ultra humble lady sports fans

NOW ONTO THE KING: CLARK (William) GABLE (l90l-l960) he liked just BILL by the way, same with CAGNEY & JIMMY, hated it, JIM was fine.  Personally I';m taken back that GABLE was allowed to enlist in 1942-(YOU ALL KNOW WHY) Mainly due to his age, abuse on his large body (was 6'1 & 185lbs but wanted to make 1961's THE MISFITS so much he gained up to 235lbs many historians partially blame his wgt loss & in a big hurry on his earlier demise at 59 in November of 1960! he got down to barely 195 for the powerhouse picture & of course most in the media blamed it on MARILYN!?  BUT OBVIOUSLY "THE KING OF HOLLYWOOD" voted officially by fans (PHOTOPLAY, LA TIMES, WRITE-IN'S,etc) & staggeringly well over 20 million voted in that famed 1938 poll. (TRIVIA: & just for comparison & fun fax  much to the chagrin of 3 huge stars/ladies   *BETTE DAVIS, *J. CRAWFIRD & QUEEN OF THE MGM LOT  *N. SHEARER,  OUR OF THE BLUE  MYRNA LOY-(l905-l993) UPSET ALL COMERS AS "QUEEN OF HOLLYWOODS GOLDEN AGE!" Anyway, William/Bill, Clark was voted "KING" & at first they held a really tacky celebration & with just an awful CROWN, of course MOGUL OF MOGUL: L.B. MAYER'S IDEA-(l885-l957) & held at METRO-GOLDWYN-MAYER-(EST 1924-) So the rest of TINSEL-TOWN wanted to do it up right & held a 2nd ceremony at the still-standing for now on H. Blvd EL CAPITAIN & with pal SPENCER presenting both winners with their crowns!!!

BOTH LOU COSTELLO-(l906-59) & JOHN (Garfinkle) Garfield-(l9l3-52) CONRACTED THE DREADED DISEASE OF SCARLETT FEVER! All say Lou caught it when touring with BUD ABBOTT-(l895-l974) during WW11 As for GARFIELD, he caught his, when eriding the rails to HOLLYWOOD from NYC (TRIVIA: HE WAS THE VERY FIRST STANISLAVSKY METHOD ACTOR< BUT PAUL MUNI-(l895-l967) WASFIRST TRUE METHOD ACTOR, BUT FROM A YIDDISH SCHOOL INSTEAD!




& HOW COULD I LEAVE OUT MY A #1 ALL-TIME HERO, IDOL & ROLE MODEL-(by flip of a coin over *SPENCER TRACY though)   FRANCIS (Albert SINATRA-(l9l5-l998) I of course have the scoop, when he was born still-born Dec. 12th, 1915 in an utterly awful; dump in Hoboken, N.J. he was virtually already gone, his grandmother saved his life though & insisted on putting the baby under ice cold water from the sink, it obviously helped!!! & furthermore she  used ice tongs-(which can easily be seen on his left ear & neck, more-so older he got too) This punctured his ear drum a bit, so he was also 4-F for "THE WAR"


So, to topbilled, jakeem, LawrenceA, & all others again please compile that list again on just whom did serve???




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