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House of Wax


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Those bosses at t.c.m. really tell Their employees to say crazy things to tv viewers sees of t.c.m. If you're a True fan of classic films as opposed to a t.c.m fan, you question those introducing the film or saying comments. After the house of wax was over Mr. David like Robert Osborn was experiencing how the 3d of this film was a gimmick. The 3d in the 53 listed through 54 and 55, then some reissues of the earlier 3d films were released in some theaters in some cities in 1957.W ell, it was short but 3d has never been a gimmick except those who hate it. There are haters. The fact  3d movies are made today converted from 2D and released in the summertime and fall. In kick, start funds are being raised, through donations, to restored Mexicos first 3D film, "The sword of Granada as part of the compile of never before seen3D shorts in 3D rarities part 2, which if they get enough money by July the 3rd, Mr. Furmanek will first have it  released in premiere in los Angeles or New York at the theater, then released it through flicker alley on Blu Ray in middle of 2020. Don't hold your breath, we might all be dead by that time. You would think that Fathom events would occasionally include releasing a restored 3D classic of 53 at the theaters for the three-day events for 3D d.c.p.'s Like Kiss me Kate or House of wax or dial m for Murder, through renting the files, since 2013 over more than a dozen classic been restored thanks to the 3d archives. The problem is that Fathom event is tied with t.c.m. who is anti 3D, not even anaglyphic version of the 3D classic they will show. So  Fathom would not consider .Mr Furmanek stated that film in a blog would not make big money and he breaks even. I was going to suggest to him that once the restoration is finished and after he had premiered it in La and New York City that he try to get fathom events to show it in various theater in different states in the 3-day engagement, which would give a chance for those with no 3D t.v. set or Blu - ray 3D player to see It first and only time in 3D. That's when learned t.c.m. was connected with Fathom events and probably would not consider as a result. On kick start, you can donate as low as 10 dollars to 10 thousand. In the 10 thousand gifts you will receive two free airplane tickets and accommodations and theater tickets to see the premiere of the 3d film, once it's complete. They got until July the 3rd to raise the funds through donations. Mr. David in the comment stated that he loves to see the house of wax in 3d one day to see the ball come out. Well, it's on Blu -ray still and there are used and unbought 3D t.v sets around and 3d Blu ray player round around. Just have to have an arm an leg or good credit. That was the lines that Mr. David was expressing he probably memorized. 

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