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A United Artists Retrospective Yearbook: 1937

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Miriam Hopkins and Gertrude Lawrence vied for Sebastian Shaw in the fierce Men are Not Gods, which also gave a push to Rex Harrison's career.


Several Brits needed to attend to some unfinished business in India in Troopship.


Henry Fonda and Sylvia Sidney made for a tragic pair of outlaws in love in Fritz Lang's brilliant You Only Live Once.


Roland Young starred as The Man Who Could Work Miracles, a comedy written by HG Welles.


Vivien Leigh and Rex Harrison, both early in their careers, appeared in Storm in a Teacup, a romantic comedy.


leigh was back again in the historical drama Fire Over England involving the great London fire. Flora Robson played the queen; Lawrence Olivier, Robert Newton, and Raymond Massey were also involved.


Charles Boyer and Jean Arthur were a wonderful pair in History is Made at Night, a cross between romance, comedy, drama, and disaster film. Somehow, it worked.


Sabu made his debut in the adventure Elephant Boy.


Ann Harding and Basil Rathbone appeared in the Agatha Christie adaptation Love from a Stranger. A remake would appear just a few years later with Sylvia Sidney.


The first official version of A Star is Born was my personal favorite. The tried-and-true tale was luminously enacted by Janet Gaynor and Fredric March, both of whom were Oscar nominated.


Miriam Hopkins was after Joel McCrea in Woman Chases Man


Elizabeth Bergner appeared in Dreaming lips, the saga of an illicit affair and its dreadful repercussions.


Douglas Fairbanks Jr was a cat burgler whose ideas of love were shattered in When Thief Meets Thief (foreign-language poster here)


Warner Baxter and Joan Bennett found themselves falling for one another in the fashion industry in Vogues of 1938 (actually a 1937 film)


Conrad Veight and Vivien Leigh were spies in love in Dark Journey


Robert Donat was out to save hostage Marlene Dietrich in Knight Without Armor


Barbara Stanwyck obtained one of her signature roles in the affecting Stella Dallas, a wonderful film. Both she and Anne Shirley were Oscar nominated for it.


Sylvia Sidney, Joel McCrea, Humphrey Bogart, and Claire Trevor (not to mention the Dead End Kids) were trapped in the slums in Dead End.


Ronald Colman starred in The Prisoner of Zenda, one of the screen's best swashbucklers.


Stand-In was a lampoon of Hollywood with Leslie Howard, Joan Blondell, and Humphrey Bogart. This sounds most intriguing.


Dorothy Lamour and her sarongs shot to stardom following the release of The Hurricane, a classic disaster film with Jon hall, Mary Astor, C Aubrey Smith, Thomas Mitchell, Raymond Massey, and John Carradine


Murder on Diamond Row was a crime saga from England.


Ian Hunter starred in 52nd Street, a musical


Carole Lombard made her only film in color with Nothing Sacred, a gleefully wicked satire filled with one delicious joke after another. Fredric March was the male lead, with Walter Connelly making an impact as a newspaper editor named Oliver Stone!


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Another good year.

  1. Dead End - among my favorites of the year by any studio
  2. You Only Live Once
  3. The Prisoner of Zenda
  4. A Star Is Born
  5. Nothing Sacred
  6. Stella Dallas
  7. The Man Who Could Work Miracles
  8. Knight Without Armor
  9. Fire Over England
  10. Stand-In

I've also seen Love from a Stranger and The Hurricane.

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We're getting independent releases from David Selznick and Walter Wanger now, and this ups the quality-- along with more films from Sam Goldwyn and Alexander Korda. 

The remake of LOVE WITH A STRANGER would not be released through UA...it would be with Eagle-Lion.

THE STAND-IN is an observant comedy of the moviemaking process. It reunites Humphrey Bogart and Leslie Howard, who previously costarred in THE PETRIFIED FOREST and were good friends off-camera. Bogart's wife Mayo Methot pushed for him to do this picture, because she was upset by how Warners had been typecasting him in gangster roles. So he plays a more intellectual character in STAND-IN. Plus it's a rare comedy for him. He and Howard have a field day, and so does Joan Blondell as the female lead.

STORM IN A TEACUP features an excellent supporting turn by Sara Allgood, who would soon leave England and venture to Hollywood where she'd find more character roles.

Rex Harrison also appears in MEN ARE NOT GODS. 

VOGUES OF 1938 is a very enjoyable piece of fluff. And I think it was Joan Bennett's first film in Technicolor.

THE HURRICANE has a stunning final sequence. Plus fine supporting performances by Mary Astor, Raymond Massey and C. Aubrey Smith.

DEAD END is by far the best of the bunch, and of course The Dead End Kids would go on to make follow-up films at Warner Brothers.

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Some very good movies this year. I only wish I was familiar with more of them.

Dead End is among the best movies William Wyler directed.

Fredric March gave a great performance in A Star is Born, and the ending of Stella Dallas is not to be missed.

I also like Nothing Sacred; I think this was the first movie with Carole Lombard that I ever saw.

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