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List your top 10 WW2 (only) movies....


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Here are mine, with a couple of comments:

1.  The Bridge over the River Kwai---multi-layered

2.   Patton---GC Scott

3.   Saving Private Ryan

4.   The Great Escape

5.   They Were Expendable---I love this movie.....certainly a movie like Saving Private Ryan is a 'greater movie' in terms of the production as a whole, but RM and Wayne were over the top good in this movie....I think John Wayne's best as he was somewhat restrained...and Donna Reed....amazing.

6.   The Longest Day---This suffers a little bit from being too star-focused, but the effort that went into it reminds me of the American war effort.......

7.   Enemy at the Gates

8.   Mrs. Miniver

9.   Lifeboat---To me, this one is a sleeper...one that can be watched over & over....

10. The Gallant Hours---Another big-time sleeper....The music can be a little distracting....and I'm pretty sure Cagney as Halsey was a hell of a lot better person than Halsey as Halsey....but what an effort by Cagney.....To me Cagney is like Bogart....in a few films brilliant, nobody better....in others, not so much.

#11 would be the Dirty Dozen, a guilty pleasure.


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