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A United Artists Retrospective Scrapbook: 1944

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Hopalong Cassidy started the year.


Thornton Wilder's classic book The Bridge of San Luis Ray made its second of three trips to the big screen.


Voice in the Wind was a film noir


Shelley Winters made her debut in Knickerbocker Holiday, a Nelson Eddy musical


Up in Mabel's Room was a comedy based on a play that was then 25 years old.


More Hopalong Cassidy....


it Happened Tomorrow with Dick Powell and Linda Darnell was a lovely fantasy comedy that was most endearing with Powell as a man who suddenly started receiving tomorrow's papers.


Hopalong redux.


Song of the Open Road was a musical comedy that served as the film debut for Jane Powell.


More Hopalong


Sensations of 1945 was another musical revue, this time with Eleanor Powell topping the bill.


William Bendix and Susan Hayward starred in an O'Neill adaptation.


George Sanders and Linda Darnell starred in a noir.


Since You Went Away was one of the great homefront films, heartwarming, gentle, and very moving, with one of Claudette Colbert's best performances, and equally fine work from Jennifer Jones and Robert Walker.


it was time for another war comedy


Dark Waters was a gothic noir with Merle Oberon.


There is a Family was a family comedy that does not seem to have any images left on the internet. Charles Ruggles and Fay Bainter starred.

Anne Baxter and Ralph Bellamy next took a stab at noir.


Fredric March had a Nazi for a nephew in Tomorrow the World.


And I'll Be Seeing You was a lovely way to close 1944, with a tender, absorbing story showing Ginger Rogers and Joseph Cotten to excellent advantage. And such a lovely title song too.



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TOMORROW THE WORLD has interesting performances, especially from Skip Homeier who originated his role on Broadway.

UP IN MABEL'S ROOM is one of the funniest comedies of the 1940s. The whole cast is perfect. Edward Small used many of the performers in GETTING GERTIE'S GARTER a year later.

DARK WATERS contains some excellent performances from Franchot Tone, Fay Bainter and Thomas Mitchell.

SUMMER STORM is directed by Douglas Sirk, one of four films in which he worked with George Sanders.

SENSATIONS OF 1945 was Eleanor Powell's last lead role.

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I haven't seen many of these.

  1. Since You Went Away
  2. It Happened Tomorrow

I've also seen Guest in the House, and Tomorrow - the World!

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I love SINCE YOU WENT AWAY. Terrific performances from the entire cast (Sodapop, too!)

I'LL BE SEEING YOU is one of my very favorites and it's theme song was my mother's favorite song.

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