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Favorite TV Show Theme Song

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Oh my gosh, everyone! Great choices! It Takes a Thief is the most awesome....


Frank, you redeemed yourself with the Mission Impossible theme....and the Mr. Lucky TV show is really good too.


Rey, Cimarron Strip was a beautiful theme and a great, gorgeous vista... I had never heard of it.


My favorite is from a show I got addicted to in late night reruns - I just love the show and the song:




the closing theme starts at about 2:05:



Another late night rerun favorite:



Here's a show I loved, of course it was canceled. The theme is a regular song, but it's great so I'll post it anyway.


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My favorite TV theme song, WKRP In Cincinnati, which is probably my all time favorite TV show and has my all time favorite TV character. A tall , lanky brunette with glasses named Bailey.

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For some reason, I have lots of Western TV show themes that are memorable - must have been from the golden age of tv Westerns, and having 4 older brothers and a country boy dad.


Here's another man in black that stands out for me -




Message was edited by: cinemafan because I forgot to add that Bernard Herrmann wrote this one!

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That was the Title-design for the 1966-67 season. Here are some more.


*THE NEW AVENGERS 1976 and 1977 Seasons Main-Title.*






*THE NEW AVENGERS Extended Theme Video versions:*






*THE AVENGERS 1965 Famous Chess Board Opening, and Main-Title.*



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I almost included the chess one too, but I decided that I actually liked the other one better.


I unfortunately can't abide the New Avengers..... Have you seen the ones with Honor Blackman? I could never get into them either.... I am definitely an Emma Peel girl.

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This is Super rare. An AVENGERS Mini Promo Short from March 1966. "The Strange Case Of The Missing Corpse" You have to love this stuff. Such great fun.




One of the Millions of Emma Peel fan Videos on Youtube:




Then there is this unique fan Video. With Steed and Cathy




THE NEW AVENGERS was my introduction to THE AVENGERS back in 1978. So I have always had a soft spot for it. In terms of production value it is dramatically superior to the original show. Although I make no distinction, I have always considered The New Avengers to be the same series. Never a different one.


No really, If you haven't seen THE NEW AVENGERS and or otherwise limiting yourself to just the Emma Peel episodes, you are actually missing most of THE AVENGERS story. And in truth many of the very best episodes did not have Diana Rigg in them at all.. For years it was not uncommon to downgrade the Tara King (Linda Thorson) Episodes and The New Avengers with Gambit and Purdey and say it wasn't nearly as good. Mostly because those episodes were just not being seen. I think that has largely been disproved as bunk by now.. I loved Joanna Lumley and Gareth Hunt together. They made an awesome combination with Steed. I don't see how anyone can't get into THE NEW AVENGERS it was fantastic. One of the best series ever produced. THE AVENGERS overall is my all time favorite TV series ever.


Speaking of Honor Blackman's Mrs. Cathine Gale, this you have got to hear to believe. Two songs recorded by Honor and Patrick Macnee in 1963. Both were big hits, and they are set in these videos to neat Avengers clips from throughout the whole series run.





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Oh my, those were a hoot! I just adored the first one, "Where's the body?" , which looked familiar.... I think the station that used to show the reruns also showed that once in a great while.... anyway, you made me want to go watch again..... and I will defintely give all the episodes I thought I didn't like another try.

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Well, my other big passion besides classic film (indeed, it pre-dates classic film) is scifi TV.


And there are a ton of great themes/opening credits to some of these shows.


My personal favorites (and keep in mind that this does not reflect my relative feelings about the shows themselves, only the credits/theme and how it fits the content of the show):


1. *Stargate Atlantis*:


2. *Babylon 5:* (this YouTube is long because this show featured a massive intergalactic war which stretched over several seasons, so they changed the credits every year to reflect the growing hostilities...but all 5 years credits were great):




My favorite of the 5 seasons credits is season 4's:


3. *Farscape*:


4. *Stargate SG-1*:


5. *Star Trek Voyager:*


6. *Star Trek Deep Space Nine:*


7. *Firefly:*


8. *Battlestar Galactica:*


And yes, to answer your question: I watched all these shows and am the biggest nerd-girl ever. :D

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