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Favorite TV Show Theme Song

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Yes, Jeffrey. Of course I've seen that video before. But of course, there are tons of Star Trek related you tubes - some serious, some funny, etc. I've seen them all, more than likely.


Here is another of my favorite opening credits sequences. And just as a point of interest, this show was how I was introduced to at least 3 classic film stars...before I was a classic film fan: Jane Wyman, Cesar Romero, and earlier in the series, Mel Ferrer.


Started watching this show 'cus I was an old Dark Shadows fan (once again, Scifi/fantasy), and followed David Selby to this show:


Falcon Crest:



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I have to admit to liking the Steed/Peel episodes more than the other combinations.

I've seen a couple with Honor Blackman and just a few of the New Avengers, so

this is really a preliminary judgment, but it's hard to see how they could be better

than the ones with Diana Rigg, especially in the script department. The production

values in the color episodes were pretty good. The Tara King episodes are okay,

but not as good as the ones with Rigg. To each his/her own. BBC America had the

Steed/Peel and Steed/King episodes on a few years back, and they have held up

very well.

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Yeah BBC America aired the Color Steed And Emma Episodes very heavily edited! Ouch! I used to cringe when I saw how badly they were cut! Just Awful! Originally, the episodes were 53 minutes without commercials. They had them down to probably under 40! Purchase the DVD's to see the complete shows they way they were made and intended to be seen.


I love all seasons of THE AVENGERS. The Black and White Diana Rigg Episodes are frankly much better than the color season. Since ABC (America) poured additional money into them the Tara King episodes were actually much higher budget than the Mrs Peel or the Cathy Gale episodes had been.


Part of the problem with the intrepid Miss King was they changed her look and character repeatedly. Nothing was consistent. She went from redhead, to brunette, occasionally blond. I prefer her look and voice in the earlier episodes. Like MY WILDEST DREAM and SPLIT. You also had the rotund Mother who was a hoot in those stories.


Purdey and Mike Gambit as a combination were just as good as Steed And Mrs Peel. And any combination of Steed with those two or all three together was great too. Seek out THE NEW AVENGERS the seasons are on DVD, and are well worth not just seeing but buying and owning!

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This show was filmed in 1965, and CBS decided it was too urban, for their audience and shelved it. In the summer of 1967, they decided to recoup some of their cost, and put in on the air (SUMMER ISN'T ABOUT RERUNS, ANYMORE). It was an enormous hit. Problem was, the star was already off on another series, and the production company folded, making additional episodes, impossible. Too bad, it was one of my favorite shows, ever, and I love the theme!



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He WAS evil! The poor man who played him so brilliantly, Tim Piggott-Smith, couldn't even walk down the street in Great Britain without someone stopping to yell at him for being such a baddie.....he actually received death threats....


Now on a lighter note:



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Hey, I never heard of CORONET BLUE before, but it looks like it was a pretty cool series. I would like to see a few episodes sometime.




I Love GET SMART. Terrific show. Never could really get into THE PRISONER much it was so off the wall. Not one of my favorites. Although I haven't seen it in a very long time. I might feel differently now?

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The Prisoner is another old British TV show I haven't thought about for a while.

I enjoyed it for the most part. It was somewhat strange, but you get used to it

very early. The Village always reminded me of a discarded set from Munchkin Land.

And as far as keeping track of episodes and years aired, it's easy compared to

The Avengers. BCingU.

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John, *Coronet Blue* also had Brian Bedford in it. Frank Converse always wore what looked like light colored chinos. They were a good team.


From *Ben Casey*, although, unfortunately, it doesn't show that classic writing on the blackboard shot with Sam Jaffe's voice at the beginning.


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