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doan call him Fredo

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5 hours ago, Sepiatone said:

do any thinking people really care about what "the five" thinks about anything?

Depends on what you mean by "really".

I mean, do any people - thinking or unthinking - REALLY care about what YOU think about anything?

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I expected that.  Mostly because it was too easy,  and apparently, seemingly lacking any capacity  for original thought, I suppose you couldn't help yourself( like with all the obscure video clip trolling).

And by "really" I meant "actually".  And too, while I'm sure nobody really( and actually) cares what I think about anything, I'm at least not being overpaid by a major television "news" station to act like WHAT I think is( or should be) carved in stone. 


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Sure.  And again, the lack of original thought in that because I think the idiots on fox "news" are overpaid, you automatically think I waste time watching CNN.  Or ANY cable network "news" station.  And actually....

NONE of them really(or "actually"  ;) ) report any "fake" news (and that's Fox, CNN, MSNBC  and whomever) but it's their "analysis" or poorly disguised editorializing that makes them idiots. 

It's always adorable to me that (especially conservatives who, in my experience, do this more often than liberals I know) either wing of political sheep herds automatically think I'm on the OTHER "side" when I disagree with some nitwitted point they try to make.  And the funny thing is, either of them( right and left)  even when one guy doesn't know the other guy I talked with about the same issue, each comes back with the SAME RESPONSE, word for word! Almost as if they all learn these points out of the same handbook or something.  And boy, do they ever get P I S S E D when I ask (and this is both "right" and "left") , "Say, do y'all have some kind of secret handshake or something?"  :D 


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On 8/13/2019 at 11:14 AM, NipkowDisc said:

When your father was Governor of New York oh, and your brother is Governor of New York, I imagine you get a lot of respect.

Years ago I used to watch Chris on ABC overnight news. He's worked his way up and he certainly deserves respect.

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