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Actors You Would Have Liked To See Play Bond?

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Since re-discovering Mr. McGoohan last year, I learned that he turned down the role of James Bond at least twice.  (He turned down many roles through the years that could have made him a real "star", though I am finding that being a "star" did not really interest him)

Now, I am one of those odd women who do not like Sean Connery.  I don't find him attractive.  And I never really liked the James Bond character to begin with.

Which must be why I am having such a nice time binge-watching McGoohan  in "Secret Agent/Danger Man" and "The Prisoner".    Tall, handsome (though I can't quite pinpoint why), with that unique accent/speech pattern of his, not to mention a total lack of dull, plot-slowing love scenes... I chuckle every time his character, John Drake, appears to move in for a kiss... only to reach for a car door to let the lady out on her own!   

McGoohan did not agree with the lack of Bond's morals, and commented about that through the years.  He once said that Drake would win in a fight with Bond, though not necessarily physically... morally and mentally.   (He also stated he beat Connery at squash a lot!) 

Today's audiences would no doubt balk at McGoohan's feelings on the matter, calling him things far worse than "Prissy Pat" as they did in the 1960s.  But from an artistic standpoint, "Secret Agent" featured an excellent actor, and a spy who didn't feel like a spy.  He was an inventive fellow who could take care of himself without a gun, didn't need to use gadgets in every episode, got results from women without hopping into bed with them, and could transform himself into a meek be-speckled teacher, useless artist, butler, or drunk, then kick the stuffing out of a bad guy.  

All with those dreamy blue eyes of his (sigh...).   

No, Patrick McGoohan was right to turn down the Bond role.   Therefore, the only actor I ever liked who had the role was Pierce Brosnan... 




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