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Amazon forest wildfires...

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Five things to know about the Amazon rainforest fires

Experts warn it could thwart major environmental goals

Nearly 200 nations in 2016 signed the Paris agreement to combat climate change. As part of the pact, countries pledged to cap global warming at “well below” 3.6 degrees before the end of the century.

But maintaining that goal may become nearly impossible due to a rise in deforestation and wildfires, as well as changing weather patterns, in the Amazon......


Spotlight is on Bolsonaro

Bolsonaro, who once said that Brazil's environmental policies were "suffocating" its economy, took office pledging to open up the Amazon rainforest to business development.

He reportedly cut the main environmental agency’s budget by 24 percent, and has expressed plans to allow the mining of protected indigenous reserves.........

The Amazon is home to a diverse ecosystem

Deforestation and climate change pose a threat to the millions of species of plants and animals that live in the region and could lead to a 58 percent decline in Amazon tree species richness by 2050, according to a study by Nature Climate Change....

The fires are prompting a global response

The devastation from the fires prompted a range of responses from politicians around the world. French President Emmanuel Macron, whose country is hosting this weekend's Group of Seven summit of world leaders, called on nations to address what he branded as an emergency......


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Brazil's Bolsonaro tells world not to meddle as Amazon rainforest burns

“These countries that send money here, they don’t send it out of charity,” the right-wing president said in a live broadcast on Thursday, Reuters reports.

“They send it with the aim of interfering with our sovereignty,” he added.

However, shortly before those comments on Thursday, Bolsonaro said his country could not fight the growing blaze alone.

“The Amazon is bigger than Europe, how will you fight criminal fires in such an area?” Bolsonaro reportedly asked local media. “We do not have the resources for that.”


Bolsonaro has faced international criticism for the blaze, which critics say has been exacerbated by his administration's rollback of environmental protections for the rainforest.

Ahead of the Group of Seven summit in France, French President Emmanuel Macron called the situation in Brazil an "international crisis" and vowed to make it a priority point of discussion.......


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How the Amazon's fires, deforestation affect the U.S. Midwest

The Amazon is a "weather engine," and studies show further deforestation has the ability to destabilize rainfall patterns and threaten food production.


".....deforestation in Central Africa would also have an effect on different areas of the U.S., the report found. That's because by cutting down trees, moisture that would cool the air is lost and the warmer air rises to the upper atmosphere, creating ripples that flow outward and can alter the climate of other regions.

While some areas could see a decline in rainfall, such as the U.S. Midwest and southern France,

an opposite effect of more precipitation might be seen in Hawaii and the United Kingdom, according to the study, although the exact scale is still unclear.

A 2018 report published through the Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies noted that as humans "shave the planet of trees, we risk drying up these aerial rivers and the lands that depend on them for rain."


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Rainforest on Fire....

"......In the last half-century, about one-fifth of this forest, or some 300,000 square miles, has been cut and burned in Brazil, whose borders contain almost two-thirds of the Amazon basin. This is an area larger than Texas, the U.S. state that Brazil’s denuded lands most resemble, with their post-forest landscapes of silent sunbaked pasture, bean fields, and evangelical churches. This epochal deforestation — matched by harder to quantify but similar levels of forest degradation and fragmentation — has caused measurable disruptions to regional climates and rainfall.

It has set loose so much stored carbon that it has negated the forest’s benefit as a carbon sink, the world’s largest after the oceans. Scientists warn that losing another fifth of Brazil’s rainforest will trigger the feedback loop known as dieback, in which the forest begins to dry out and burn in a cascading system collapse, beyond the reach of any subsequent human intervention or regret.

This would release a doomsday bomb of stored carbon, disappear the cloud vapor that consumes the sun’s radiation before it can be absorbed as heat, and shrivel the rivers in the basin and in the sky. .......

.... Bolsonaro continues a far-right political tradition in Brazil that predates the 1964 dictatorship. It merges authoritarianism and panic over the perceived vulnerability of the Amazon to foreign conquest — or in its modern iteration, “internationalization.” ...

... The inhabitants of the forest, both Indians and non-Indigenous people living traditionally, would have to make way, adapt, and integrate. “Amazonian occupation will proceed as though we are waging a strategically conducted war,” ....

The Pastoral Land Commission, operated by Brazil’s Catholic Church, has recorded more than 600 land-related murders in the country since 2003, most in the Amazon region, with a 20 percent increase in 2018. Most victims are Indigenous and other traditional forest dwellers, killed organizing to protect land from illegal extractive activity.......

.... today’s reignited arc of fire signals the advance of an agribusiness frontier dominated by cattle and soy. Bolsonaro and his allies in Congress and Amazonian state governments vow to accelerate this advance in the name of progress.

Doing so will require eliminating the young laws and agencies established to protect the rainforest, its supernova of life that accounts for most of the planet’s species, and its traditional Indigenous inhabitants, whose very existence Bolsonaro and his ministers have cursed and denied, and whose moral and spiritual challenge they fear but do not comprehend.......

.... For the Bolsonaro administration, the prospect of Indigenous groups allying with Western governments and the U.N. under a banner of climate emergency only validates centuries of nationalist paranoia. Though the anxiety is misplaced, and the prospects of an internationally protected rainforest remote,

... the “Bogota Declaration” —  It outlined a plan, devised by 400 ethic groups across the basin, to establish a “sacred corridor of life” of contiguous Indigenous territories reaching from the Andes to the Atlantic. Inside this 500-million-acre stretch of rainforest, Indigenous nations would pool their ancestral knowledge and showcase alternative modes of development and ways of living. The declaration described the proposal as “a first step to guaranteeing the existence of all forms of life on the Planet.” ....

the Bogota Declaration does frame the future of the Amazon as it must be framed, not as an economic matter or a morality play pitting cowboys against Indians, but as a global crisis demanding new ways of seeing the world and all that is in it. "


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If Carbon Offsets Require Forests to Stay Standing, What Happens When the Amazon Is on Fire?

The emergency threatening part of the world’s largest rainforest is proof that offsets are too risky to count on to cancel out corporate pollution,

and that the Amazon needs help without strings attached....


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G-7 Countries Slammed Over $22 Million Pledge to Fight Amazon Wildfires:

'Netflix Paid $100 Million to Stream 'Friends''


"The US has spent over $100 million on Trump's golf trips," journalist Jordan Uhl tweeted.

"Let me get this straight: $1 billion is immediately pledged when an old church burns down in Paris," Twitter user Tom Talisman wrote.

"A global catastrophe on the other hand, one that poses a threat to every living being on this planet, is met with $20 million from nations with a combined GDP of $40 trillion?"

Several others made the same comparison. "Within hours of Norte [sic] Dame catching fire, France and prominent European families pledged $1 billion to rebuild it," political activist and commentator Nathan H. Rubin tweeted. "But the Amazon only gets $20 million?"......



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On 8/24/2019 at 8:24 PM, hamradio said:

Before the climate collapse around 3200 BC muchof Africa looked like the South American jungle.  There was no Sahara to speak of.

Sahara Went from Green to Desert in a Flash




The Arabian Desert


Your post, and This article is misleading.  The Sahara is considered to be about 7 Million Years Old.  However, it appears to have alternated between wetter and drier phases.  Even then, the overall size of the area  decreased a bit, mostly along the margins, and certain areas became more favorable with more abundant water; permanent lakes even appeared.  

However, the Sahara did not look like the amazon jungle.  It was still marginal at best, and the overall climate was too cold for that of the Jungle.  Even in the wetter lands south of the Sahara, the jungle had become confined to the central and western areas of Equatorial Africa; to the east, progressive drying had broken the jungle into savannah.  This spurred  the evolution of of our ancestors, as the drying out of the forest made these apes come down from the ever scarcer trees and become upright.

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I don’t know what’s more offensive - that Brazil is snarkily rejecting any help
or that the G7 could only come up with a measly $22m. Worrying times.


"Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro has ruled out accepting a G7 offer of aid to fight fires in the Amazon rainforest unless he gets an apology from his French counterpart, Emmanuel Macron.

Mr Bolsonaro said the French leader should apologise for insulting him personally by calling him a liar.

Mr Macron had accused him of "lying" about fighting climate change.

Aid worth $22m (£18m) was announced by Mr Macron at a summit in France......


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4 hours ago, MovieMadness said:

We were all suppose to be flooding and underwater by now according to Al Gore, instead we have large fires. So no matter what the weather is now, they blame it on us.

You mean Trump don't you? :wacko:

Ancient Aztecs blamed Tláloc, whom can bring forth flood or global warming. :P



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Follow the Money to the Amazon

Who is profiting from the development that led to these fires?

">.....the U.S-based nonprofit Amazon Watch, which has worked closely with indigenous groups in South America for 20 years, published an analysis showing that “foreign investors have enormous influence over what happens in the Brazilian Amazon

… Big banks and large investment companies play a critical role, providing billions of dollars in lending, underwriting, and equity investment.”


These investors have helped stoke the growth of the beef and soy industry in Brazil, irresponsibly and inexorably, regardless of their intention, putting the Amazon in the crosshairs of agribusiness......


the U.S.-based investment firm Blackstone (not to be confused with BlackRock), owned by a mega-donor to both Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell and President Donald Trump. According to The Intercept’s Ryan Grim, Blackstone has been a major force behind huge agribusiness and infrastructure projects in Brazil, including a controversial highway and a major port—

..... exposing financial institutions that profit from rain-forest destruction; and condemning elected officials bankrolled by these institutions. Consumer action and regulation are needed to ensure that companies don’t just make nice-sounding climate pledges but actually change their business practices up and down their supply chains.


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More bad news for the Amazon. During the dictatorship, the military had big plans for "developing" the Amazon — really industrializing and colonizing it. Now, with an ally in Bolsonaro, the military is making another push,


" Brazilian President Jair Bolsonaro is planning to push industrialization and development in the interior of the country’s Amazon basin. It is far from a new project. For more than a century, a series of Brazilian governments have sought to move into the country’s interior, developing — or, to be more precise, colonizing — the Amazon.

From the populist president-turned-dictator who made one of the early industrial pushes into the forest in the 1930s to the military dictatorship that ruled the country for two decades from 1964 until 1985, the justifications have largely been the same — economic gain and geopolitical paranoia — as were the often poor results. ......


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Brazilians Blast Bolsonaro's UN Speech Denying Amazon Devastation as a Total 'Scam'

Critics of his environmental agenda warn that "Bolsonaro's policies bring an immediate risk to all humankind."


.........As expected, Bolsonaro's speech at the United Nations has doubled down on division, on nationalism and on ecocide," the observatory said. "The president has once again embarrassed Brazil abroad by giving up the country's long-standing leadership on the environment for the sake of ideology."

"Bolsonaro's policies bring an immediate risk to all humankind," the observatory warned. "Science warns us that we have until 2030 to cut carbon emissions by 45 percent if we want to have a standing chance of stabilizing global heating at 1.5°C, thus avoiding its worst impacts. Runaway deforestation both in the cerrado and in Amazonia can, alone, blow the global target."

Reporters highlighted factual issues with Bolsonaro's 30-minute address and noted that it could have repercussions for diplomacy. The Guardian's Tom Phillips tweeted,

"Even in their worst nightmares, I'm not sure Brazilian diplomats will have imagined a Bolsonaro [U.N. General Assembly] speech so arrogant, so bile-filled, and so truly calamitous for Brazil's place in the world."........


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