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Search function seems to be broken

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The movie Search box at the top of the TCM web pages seems to be broken for me.  (This is the search box with the ALL or SHOP options to the right.  Not to be confused with the Message Board text search box.)  If you set the option to SHOP it does show titles in the TCM store, but if the option is set to ALL it doesn't work.

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After some experimentation, I found a sequence of steps that works for me:

1. Go to the main TCM page:  https://www.tcm.com

 (The search box on this page in the upper right corner does not work for me.)

2. There is a “Community” menu at the top of the TCM.com page

 - under “Community,” select “Message Boards” from the drop-down menu
 - this brings up the Message Boards page

3. Use the Search box at the top of the Message Boards page (not the lower search box)

- move the mouse over the word “SEARCH” until the cursor changes into an I-beam
- cursor will change when the mouse is over the letters “SEA”
- click the mouse when the cursor changes
- the word “SEARCH” will disappear, and you can now type in text
- type the text you are searching for, and then press ‘return’
- the search should be executed, and results are displayed on a new page

4. In the new page with the results of the first search, the box at the top of the page will also work for additional searches.  (The box next to the text that says “Sign Up For TCM Emails”.)

 - you can click in this box and type text for a new search
 - results will continue to be shown on this page

5. On this page you can also use the box that says “SEARCH AGAIN”
 - If you type text in this box, a drop-down menu will show suggestions
 (similar to an auto-complete)

Although this sequence works for me, I’m not sure if other browsers / computers will have a similar experience.  There may be other sequences that also work.  At least the method described above seems to be reliable.

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