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Why not Peter Bogdanovich???

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I've written about this before & for those that did not see it, why not filmmaker, author & film historian Peter Borganovich-(l939-) as a TCM Host?

Especially in fmr EW magazine's Dave Karger's slot  I had a sub to the once great magazine for decades, then it got pc,etc  Premiere magazine-(l987-2002) was in a different league.  Plus, it got more $expensive$

But like Leonard Maltin-(l950-) Bogdanovich is a walking film encyclopedia & knew a lotta' the heavyweights  Hitch, *Welles, Hawks and more

he used to take a vey young Cybil Shepard to all the movies, mostly classics, she said she slept through most of the & Bogdanovich is particular is a huge western buff & unlike most rates Hawks over *Ford

He's also an actor having a re-occurring role on tv's tremendous The Sopranos


So please consider


thank you

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As like I always claim I tune in for the MOVIE and NOT the HOST, then Pete wouldn't bother me at all.  I've heard him dicuss certain aspects of film history before and he not only seems to know of which he speaks, he does so in a smooth and articulate manner,and might please others here as it doesn't sound as if he has a "nasally" voice.  ;)  


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19 hours ago, HelenBaby2 said:

He hosted The Essentials the first year. 

yeah I know, but I truly mean in Karger's slot  Really like Jenna M though

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Just a sample of a few of Bogdanovich's favorite films   Remember he also helmed same yr he did the superb Last Picture show (l97l) Directed by John Ford (l97l)-(NOTE: can't TCM air that one ever?)

But his own inspirations in cinema history-(in no special order)>

 The Quiet Man (l952)

Only Angels Have Wings (l939)

Rio Bravo (l959)

She Wore a Yellow Ribbon 9l949)

The Searchers (l956)

The Magnificent Ambersons (l942)-(he always rated it over Kane)

Touch of Evil (l958)

Stagecoach (l939)

North by Northwest (l959)

The Big Sleep (l946 version)

My Darling Clementine (l946)

& many more, his top ten listed in 1972 as part of Sight and Sound Survey was always longer

& his idols>Hawks, *Ford, Hitch & *Welles



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Just relocated an old book by Peter Bogdanovich titled>Movie of the week: 52 Classic Films for one Year was a gift around 1985 or so & for the most pt it's like the current TCM book titled>The Essentials: 52 Must-See Movies and Why They Matter by Jeremy Arnold & Mr Robert 0sborne


it's far classier than Peter's book, but almost identical in subject matter


He has as just a ample the likes of>Some Came Running-(not just my fav of *Sinatra's 58, but is always among *Scorsese's top ten period), The Awful Truth, Rio Bravo, North by Northwest, Only Angels Have Wings, Ambersons, Kane, Liberty Valance, Bringing Up Baby-(his total inspiration for his own marvelous screwball comedy 1972 What's up Doc?), North by Northwest,  Notorious, The Quiet Man, Out of the Past, The Third man, Singin in the Rain & 1 for every day of the wee, think he meant this book as a guide for families  Peter even lists the dates to watch like a guide.

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Still confusing Jena with Alicia?


spence wrote on May 24

 I don't care for many people & as most know that read my jazz on these boards especially the on'es still living! But immediately took to Aussie JENNA MALONE myself, how about yu folks?

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