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What a laugh, not in my area

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Unfortunately I do not reside in the culture mecca of the world down here in Pinellas Co. Florida, so no fan groups or anything like that is popular even louis-(Madonna) hates Florida, she comes her briefly todo a concert, but A it's too humid-(which she despises) & B it's dead  A musician once even made a crack at her, a drummer once in rehearsals about he should be embarrassed about coming from 0rlando, though he had a good comeback for MY QUEEN "I'm sorry miss Detroit" unquote  when they were building up Orlando & the studios they fully planned it to be another Hollywood type of place, but the weather won't allow it-(the Bucs go perfect with Tampa Bay)

I' often written & spoke of them filming the terrific 1985 Cocoon down here, they shot another almost simultaneously with the wonderful John Candy-(1950-l994) 1985's mediocre Summer Rental (**) ($20m.) was the result, and then the Chamber of Commerce acted up in St. Petersburg by not allowing Warner Bros. to film a bldg. exploding for one of the Lethal Weapon flix, so the crew & WB's got even-0(the audience was laughing so hard too) they still did it, but over the final credits. They did shoot some movies in & around FL over the decades, most notably a couple Esther Williams musicals, Beneath he 20,000 Reef & somewhat with the all-time heavyweight from 1958 Old Ma and the sea with *The Great: Spencer Tracy, started off Key west, then off Cuba & *Tracy loathed locations, so they shot most of the classic back at Warner bros. in whats still the largest sound stage on the planet, I got to go by it on the WB's VIP tour & *Clooney had his usual basketball hoop outside it & they were inside filming 2000's huge blockbuster A Perfect Storm ($182mn.) (***1/2)

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