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More explanation on Emile Jannings

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That women who was explaining about Emil Janning ,after Faust ,10/ 12/ 29, left many things out about him. The reason why he left Hollywood was because his accent was to thick for American talkies .He needed to make a living in acting at all cost. He went back back to Germany to continue his career. Unfortunately he did make films under the Nazi dictatorship. Many of these did films were no different than Hollywood films ,light entertainment dramas. After the war the American military  took over Germany Jannings was black listed from doing any movies period. He did not want to do American movies. Any how settled down at his farm and he was dying of cancer. Since 2001 T.C.M. has been pseudo liberal against showing any more films ,except what they have repeated , Munchausen ,Olympia and Titanic, made during the Nazi dictatorship. Not even right after .They treat this genre like porn. It would be nice if T.C. M . were more open to bad history they would show Emile Jannings later films and the audience would learn more about him, inspire of what he did. Remember. T. C. M. has explored our own dark side. This hypocritical. 







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