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All this talk of taxing the wealth of the rich reminded me of a old cartoon I saw as a kid on TV. A home owner see's the taxman coming and I think hits a switch and the interior of his nice house turns into a dump. Kinda like those old movies where a illegal casino is quickly turned into something else just before being raided by the police. From the style of the animation I believe it's from the 30s and the characters I'm sure are anthropomorphize animals. 

I know its a tough one, I search YouTube but nothing came up.


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Based off the part of your description, it sounds like you're referring to a scene in "The House of Tomorrow", an MGM cartoon from 1949 directed by Tex Avery.  This is the only cartoon I can think of that best relates to your description, although you claim this cartoon had animal characters in it, as opposed to humans.  The characters in "The House of Tomorrow" were all humans.  I believe this cartoon was once shown on TCMs "Saturday Matinee" last year.  This is a very funny cartoon, with gags such as an automatic razor that shaves off an entire man's face, leaving only his eyes, carpeting so thick, the butler is only seen above his neck, and countless mother-in-law gags, such as her seating arrangement in the living room being an electric chair, her medicine cabinet is filled with bottles of poison, and her entrance to the house is all boarded up, complete with an "unwelcome" mat at the doorstep.  I hope TCM repeats this again on "Saturday Matinee" sometime soon.

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On 10/22/2019 at 6:00 PM, slaytonf said:

What talk?

The Social Democrat aligned politicians. I don't think he necessarily meant anything bad by it, just that it reminded him of the cartoon. 

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If anybody's going to answer the OP's question, it's early (song-based) Looney Tunes "The Fella With a Fiddle".

A parody of a song Jack Benny was popular with in his early stage act, and the stingy owner is...supposed to be parodying Jack Benny.

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