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Scorsese or Spielberg?

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Combining favorite's & actual finest who personally rates filmmakers Martin Scorsese & Steven Spielberg superior overall?

as for me The Woodman Woody Allen is the best today, but mainly with dialogue,etc

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I feel they are both great filmmakers so here's my take:

As far as the actual finest, I'd probably go with Scorsese.

But as to who is my personal favorite is between the two, I'd go with Spielberg.

I know many have a problem with Spielberg's sentimental take in moviemaking (especially in his earlier films like E.T. THE EXTRA-TERRESTRIAL) but maybe that's why they appeal to me. Nothing wrong with a bit of sentimentality.

Scorsese does bring a lot of dirty grit and brutal realism to his films which I also can appreciate.

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 Both Scorsese and Spielberg are equal in their cinematic expertise.  They are the only two directors still making films that  I can say that about. I used to see 30 or more movies per year. Nowadays it's more like 10. I want a good literate story. I am not interested in comic book inspired movies to show-off the latest CGI effects.

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